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VANUCCI, Brazilian dj and producer, is the head of Tamboa Records’ 3rd explosive and fun release named ITALIAN JOB.

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Dj and producer VANUCCI, head of Tamboa Records 3rd release named Italian Job.

Quality music and flawless mixing are the main ingredients to create a
harmonious and connective atmosphere on any dance floor; Brazilian born,
Italian blooded Vanucci makes his artistic character stand out in the world of
dance music. With more than a decade of Djing, he is an artist who has been able to develop a special blend of moody, classy and fibrous grooves.

With a vast amount of gigs, festivals and releases to date, Vanucci‘s music echoes widely around South America and Europe; exporting releases with high standard production on major labels such as Mood Funk, Rawsome Deep, OVRDOSE and many others.

Dj and producer VANUCCI, head of Tamboa Records 3rd release named Italian Job.

Now, the Brazilian producer is premiering a vibrant single called Italian Job for the Brazilian based label Tamboa Records. Tamboa is born with a sense of community, it’s not just another label, it’s a cultural movement. The idea of the project is not just to sell music, it’s a refuge for all those artists truly passionate about Tech House and their lifestyle

Vanucci is not an exception, Italian Job is a single with a unique perspective full of energy that equally sails between the finest Minimal and Tech House’s grooves. A cut that is set in an atmosphere ruled by refined and modern melodies, where he uses an eloquent Italian vocal sample, which gives more momentum and charisma to this vivid production.

Tamboa Records’ 3rd release titled Italian Job by artist Vanucci, will take place on September 25th on Beatport.

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