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Record labels that can’t miss in your playlists [Pt.08]

In this new note focused on record labels that can’t miss in your playlists, we’ll mention 44Km/h Records and XYZ Underground.


In this new note focused on record labels that can't miss in your playlists, we'll mention 44Km/h Records and XYZ Underground.

The label 44Km/h Records is known for its focus on electronic music and cutting-edge minimalist beats. Founded in 2020 in France, it’s a vinyl and digital label that has made a name for itself on the global electronic scene. Thanks to its releases of emerging and recognized artists such as James Barratt, Nicola Brusegan, Yahzi, Soulkemist, Basic 96, among others.

“We need love and unity in this world. We are all from the same planet. Spread the love and keep the vibe going. Music and feelings are the getaway.” – 44Km/h Records

The name “44km/h records” refers to the maximum speed allowed on city streets in France, suggesting a defiant attitude and a need to exceed conventional limits. It is clear that this label seeks to offer high quality music from artists who take their creative approach to the fullest.

In the label’s most recent EP entitled Series 10. We get five brilliant tracks from the young producer, pianist and dj from the French Riviera, Romeo Louisa.

Being House music his main medium of artistic expression. Romeo prints in “Series 10”, minimalist rhythms and melodies influenced by soulful atmospheres, jazz elements and a very characterful vintage sonority. An EP that compiles and captures all the essence of the young French artist.

Through this link, you can listen and buy the music of 44Km/h Records on Bandcamp.

On the other hand, XYZ Underground is an event organization and record label, established in 2019 by artists Tapesh, NVNDO, Josh Canallie and Leon Kofi. A platform for exceptionally talented Djs and producers who have a passion for underground House music, mixing Funk, Minimal and Techno influences.

Based in Germany, XYZ Underground has been gaining attention and recognition in other parts of Europe, such as Spain, England and the Netherlands. The German label aims to bring back the underground feeling to the music scene and gather different artists who are free to express and evolve their musical style.

In the label’s most recent EP, there’s Generation EP by label boss Tapesh. A release that brings together two colorful remixes by NVNDO and Nate S.U, plus a refreshing rework by Saintes with Tapesh. A club-oriented EP with tracks that explores modern breakbeat, Minimal Deep Tech and Deep House rhythms.

Via this link, you can listen and buy XYZ Underground’s music on Beatport.

To conclude, at Valetronic, we invite you to visit and support the social networks of the recommended labels.

44Km/h Records: Fb | Ig | Sc | Bc | Linktree
XYZ Underground: Fb | Ig | Sc | Bc | Linktree

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Credits: Bandcamp, Beatport, Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

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