To welcome our new Valetronic Podcast 042 episode, we have a powerful exclusive mix by the Bulgarian artist Alessio Bianchi.

[Versión Español]

Para celebrar el nuevo episodio Valetronic Podcast 042, contamos con un mix exclusivo del artista búlgaro Alessio Bianchi.

Alessio Bianchi was born in 1994 in Bourgas (Bulgaria) but grew up in Italy with his father, Adrio Bianchi, who has also worked as a DJ. A.Bianchi has been behind the decks in some of the most famous clubs in Bulgaria, such as Cacao Beach, Musai Beach Bar, Makalali Beach Bar, Culture Beat, Exe Club and many more.

He performed with renowned DJs such as Miguel Bastida, Alvaro AM, Amine Edge & Dance, Simone Liberali, Lenardo Gonnelli, Detlef, Mirko di Florio and more. He has also released tracks for major labels such as Libero, Distance, Playgroove, Datagroove, Habitat, La Pera, Deeperfect and more.

Alessio is a highly creative artist who likes to craft infectious Tech-House beats with textured Minimal overtones. Many of his cuts have received support from major artists in the electronic scene, which has allowed him to expand the reach of his groove.

In the new Valetronic Podcast 042 edition, the Bulgarian Alessio Bianchi leads an amusing journey through the diverse Tech-House gammas.

With a festive, lively and colorful cut selection, A.Bianchi delivers a mix with a lot of groove, contagious basses and echoing vocals. A set that shows a clean and precise technique, in which the Bulgarian artist keeps the energy always alive.

From highly addictive rhythms to vocals that enhance the senses, we invite you to enjoy A.Bianchi‘s best sound, in this new Valetronic Podcast.

In addition to the usual audio format of Valetronic Podcast, for this edition we have an exclusive videoset by Alessio Bianchi. Which you can streaming directly on our Fb page.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to visit, support and share the Bulgarian artist’s social media for future releases. We also suggest you to enjoy our prior Valetronic Podcast 041, with a mix of underground beats by the Romanian duo Sixtee Seconds.

A.Bianchi: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: Mixcloud