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Agus Pazos - Experience EP [PGR203]
[Spanish Version]

Originally from Argentina, Agus Pazos is a DJ and producer in constant evolution. His personality is clearly reflected in his music which he knows how to develop with an edgy and innovative style. Minimalist sounds, textures and structures have always been his personal hallmark.

His interest for discovering new sounds led him and his productions to be part of great labels such as: Indeed music, IWANT Music, Tangible Records, Ladeep, Knacker Recordings and many others. Now, the Argentinian producer makes his debut on Play Groove with a solo release entitled Experience EP, which brings together 03 fascinating Minimal and Deep Tech cuts at top form.

agus pazos - experience ep banner

Experience is the first cut from the EP, where Agus Pazos fuses pulsating and intriguing basslines with Minimal’s high-powered drums. A subtle female voice slowly emerges, soothing the tone in a voyage full of nostalgia, soul and optimistic vibes.

Then comes the Roller cut, which is a bold, acidic and totally exciting Minimal and Deep Tech production to our senses. It presents an enigmatic and evolving atmosphere that blends in perfect harmony with vocals samples and the others sounds elements.

Lastly, the track Palms, takes us to a remote island full of good music in the middle of summer. A refreshing, groovy production, where the Argentinian producer highlights small acidic synths that add organic textures in a progressive way to the tune.

Experience EP is a fresh release that brings together 03 edgy electronic cuts by Agus Pazos. An EP that brings together strong rhythms, infectious melodies, vocals and organic acid riffs.

From now on you can download your copy of Play Groove Recordings’ 203rd release, by clicking on the next link.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow and share the Argentinian artist’s social networks. We also share with you our review of the recent release Go Get It EP, by the Romanian artist Brad Brunner.

Agus Pazos: Fb / Ig / Sc

audio and photo credits: Play Groove Beatport

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