We open August with the new and powerful Valetronic Podcast 053 episode, led by the Tunisian artist, Alaa Djebali.

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We open August with the new and powerful Valetronic Podcast 053, led by the Tunisian artist, Alaa Djebali.

Alaa Djebali got into music in his early teens, with a debut on the local Hip-Hop scene. Influenced by a large spectrum of music styles, he has found himself effortlessly navigating between groovy tech house to hypnotic minimal house.

With unfailing feel for the crowd and his eclectic musical background, Alaa Djebali has proven himself to be one of most promising and versatile Tunisian Dj’s. In Addition to his DJing, he also works on visual productions, graphic and web design, founder of Téktox collective label and 320 Festival. Alaa is already creating his own dynamic in the Tunisian electronic music scene.

In the new Valetronic Podcast 053 episode, the Tunisian Alaa Djebali delivers a hypnotic session riddled with a wide variety of fresh beats and grooves.

With great balance, skills and cut selection, Alaa leads a colorful rhythmic journey that combines hypnotizing melodies with avant-garde ambient sounds. A set that compiles gloomy melodies, infectious rhythms and powerful vocals in equal amounts.

Undoubtedly, a fun, progressive mix that immerses us fully in a listening experience defined by slow-burning tracks and club focused cuts. Having said that, we invite you to enjoy Alaa Djebali‘s best sound on this new edition of Valetronic Podcast.


1.- A1 Ofette – The Time Is Now
2.- Unkown artist : B1 Aurum 001
3.- Unknown artist : A1 Free
4.- Fries & Bridges – Poplocking (Ghetto Mix)
5.- Evan Baggs & David Keno – Exactly
6.- Evan baggs – Back In Time
7.- Kosh – 1-800 ARP
8.- Noise project – I Need
9.- DISKOP – Future
10.- Federico Moore – Like The Light
11.- Occibel – Generation

We take our leave, but not before inviting you to visit, support and share the Tunisian artist’s social media. Also, in Valetronic, we take the moment to recommend you the Valetronic Podcast 052 episode, mixed by the founder of «Houbless Music», the Chilean artist Mares.

Alaa Djebali : Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: Valetronic