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Artists you need to know: ALAA DJEBALI

Born in Tunisia and based in France, Alaa Djebali is a DJ, producer and founder of the label and collective Tèktox/320 Festival.


Influenced by a wide variety of styles and sounds. Alaa Djebali is an artist who likes to cruise and explore magnetic Tech-House rhythms with hypnotic Minimal Deep Tech grooves.

His residence in France has served him to absorb the rich culture that surrounds the city of Paris. Implementing in his musical selection dyes of the legendary Acid House, Electro and Breakbeat grooves. Achieving to reinvent himself as an artist and working on several simultaneous projects. Resulting in a new electronic music event brand called Wonderlab.

Producer that seeks to offer a unique experience in the international clubbing. With the aim of shaping an exclusive community, designed to shine with its own light. Bringing together the best rhythms and talents, with the goal of creating a link between the best clubs in Barcelona, Tenerife and Paris.

The debut of Wonderlab will take place on December 23rd with “La Veilleuse” at Les Nautes, Paris. The event will bring together the sparkling rhythms and melodies of the artists Goudier, Para/Celse, Ziku and Alaa Djebali.

Undoubtedly, Alaa Djebali has proven to be one of the most versatile and promising Tunisian DJs of the moment.

To conclude, at Valetronic, we invite you to visit and follow the social networks of the Tunisian artist based in France. We also take the occasion to recommend you these notes that may be of interest to you. Alaa Djebali (FRA) | Valetronic Podcast 074. Alaa Djebali (TUN) | Valetronic Podcast 053. Tèktox Records announces the premiere edition of 320 FEST.

Alaa Djebali : Fb / Ig / Sc / Bc

Credits: Wonderlab

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