CRAIG & GRANT GORDON present BUGGIN EP [Play Groove Recordings]

por | May 3, 2020 | English

The Spanish label Play Groove Recordings, present the new release BUGGIN EP, which includes 02 captivating cuts of the UK brothers CRAIG & GRANT GORDON.

[Spanish Version]
 Craig & Grant Gordon

BUGGIN EP begins with the same name cut of the release; where Craig & Grant Gordon blend styles in a track that combines vintage textures, organic sounds and tech-house beats in the deepest underground style. A groovy tune with an 80’s dub vibe in which they embody soulful and emotive vocals in the main break.

Next we have the second cut called Volan Von, which like the first one, predominates organic sounds and crackling vinyl textures; but this time the UK brothers create a very catchy and futuristic harmony full of small synthesizer bits and vocal loops.

The release of BUGGIN EP by Play Groove Recordings, took place on April 24th on Beatport.

In brief, the 188th release from Play Groove Recordings; presents two gems from Craig & Grant Gordon that combine sounds from the past and present in a groove full of personality, organic textures and pure underground essence. Buggin EP is on Beatport’s Hype category, so we recommend you to visit and grab your copy as soon as possible, by clicking here.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow Craig & Grant Gordon‘s social networks at IG, FB & Soundcloud, for further sets and releases. We also take the opportunity to invite you to read and enjoy the review we prepared of the recent All About The Base EP by the label boss Sebastian Ledher alongside Tripio X.

Audio & Photo Credits: Play Groove