Deeplomatic Recordings presents Beat It Cancer [DPL112]

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Deeplomatic Recordings unites 45 top-notch electronic music artists to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Cancer.

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Deeplomatic Recordings unites 45 top-notch electronic music artists to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Cancer.

Sandy Rivera, Yaya, The Cube Guys, Toni Varga, Denney, Cristian Varela, Simone Vitullo, Hito, Crazibiza and label manager Alex Ferrer among other stalwart artists contribute to the charitable album “Beat It Cancer” on Deeplomatic.

The Project

Deeplomatic Recordings has released the album ‘Beat It Cancer’ on the 22nd of October, International Breast Cancer Day. The album aims to raise awareness about cancer through electronic music and boost donations towards cancer prevention organizations. For this purpose, Deeplomatic has teamed up with Breast Cancer UK and Children with Cancer UK. Two charitable organizations working to prevent cancer through scientific understanding, collaboration, education and policy change.

The album showcases a wide compilation of electronic music, ranging from Deep House, Techno, and Tech House to the most joyful Jackin’ House, Melodic Techno, Organic House, Nu Disco & Downtempo. 45 top-notch artists from all around the world have joined forces to create this altruistic release.

‘Many of the artists, felt drawn to the project as they have lost friends, family and colleagues to cancer. It is a personal project for myself as well, hope we can provide our grain of sand to the collective fight of this horrible disease’- Alex Ferrer.

All proceeds from the album will be equally donated to Breast Cancer UK and Children with Cancer UK for cancer prevention and research.

Deeplomatic Recordings unites 45 top-notch electronic music artists to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Cancer.
The Music

Representing the finest Deep House we can find Andre Butano, Aldo Cadiz, Jay Tripwire, Aamir, Jey Kurmis and Jared Love. Everyone contributes to the album with their unique sound, but at the same time agree on one thing: bassline mastery, a pleasure to the ear that pushes the groove deeper in your soul. Punchy, sidechained and muted basslines that will hook you in the loop with quick, smart and uplifting melodies and vocals, creating the perfect blend.

The Techno category is amazingly varied with some of the biggest names in the industry: Yaya, Hito, Cristian Varela, Guy Laliberté, Kowalski, Heîk, Alexi Delano, Gladis, Soul of Zoo, Fabio Florido and Egbert. With this array of artists, ‘Beat It Cancer’ showcases many of the top Techno sub-genres for the 909 lovers such as Melodic, Peak Time, Dark, Raw and Hypnotic.

Tech House is being reflected in the album by The Cube Guys, Toni Varga, Gunnar Stiller, Distale, Juliet Sikora, Flo Mrzdk, Michel De Hey, Patrick M and Maurizio Ruggiero with deep, dark kicks, quick hi-hats, strong basslines, seductively unwinding by carefully building and unravelling.

Finally, some of the biggest House Music artists in the scene complete ‘Beat It Cancer’ with their exclusive tracks. Top producers like Crazibiza, Sandy Rivera, Alex Ferrer, Denney, Superlover, Tuccillo, Tucanae, Alex Neri, Craig Hamilton, Daniel Steinberg, Klik & Frik, Malandra Jr., Maya Pacziga, Peter Brown, His Bitter Truth, Simone Vitullo, System of Survival and Jude Elliott have contributed to the album with tracks ranging from Organic House compositions to the funkiest Disco and Jackin’ House.

Deeplomatic is a London-based record label founded in 2013 which has become one of the most prolific electronic music brands worldwide, bringing House music and club culture to the next level through their music releases, iconic events and PR services.

“We would like to thank the artists, managers, media partners and our sponsors; Hades Creations, WootMag, AIAIAI, Audio-Technica, Serato, British Airways i360, FabFilter, Image Line (FL Studio), Matacomplex and Media Overkill who helped us make this possible” – Deeplomatic


1. Aamir – Underwater
2. Aldo Cadiz & Andre Butano – Jakes
3. Alex Ferrer & Tucanae – Breath of Hope
4. Alex Neri – Total Recall
5. Alexi Delano – Festina Lente
6. Craig Hamilton – The Sound
7. Crazibiza – Welcome to The Good Life
8. Cristian Varela – Relax37
9. Daniel Steinberg – Take Five
10. Denney – Sunrise 3.1
11. Distale & Gunnar Stiller feat. Robert Owens – Always in My Mind
12. Egbert – Avontuur
13. Fabio Florido – Dawn Lights
14. Flo Mrzdk & Juliet Sikora – Sancho Pancho
15. Gladis – Lost in Amalfi
16. Guy Laliberté & Soul of Zoo – Road of Life
17. Heîk – Cephalus (Original Mix)
18. Hito – Tramonto (Original Mix)
19. Jay Tripwire & Jared Love – Elektron 1
20. Jey Kurmis – Jxrdan
21. Klik & Frik – Muyu
22. Kowalski – Dub Nights
23. Malandra Jr. – Colours
24. Maya Pacziga – Satrincha
25. Michel De Hey – All the Things She Said
26. Patrick M & Maurizio Ruggiero – The Record
27. Peter Brown – Get Over
28. Sandy Rivera feat. His Bitter Truth – Nights in Paradise
29. Simone Vitullo – This Record
30. Superlover – My Kordbot
31. System of Survival feat. Jude Elliott – Technology Philosophy
32. The Cube Guys – Never Change
33. Toni Varga – No Way
34. Tuccillo – Wannado
35. Yaya – Bla Bla Big Mouth

Release date: 22nd of October/ Listen, buy and download Beat It Cancer on Beatport, by clicking this link.

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In short, Deeplomatic Recordings is proud to release Beat It Cancer, a compilation featuring 45 top artists united to raise awareness for cancer prevention and research. All proceeds from the compilation will be donated equally to Breast Cancer UK and Children With Cancer UK. Music and passion united for a noble cause.

Credits: Beatport

Deeplomatic Recordings unites 45 top-notch electronic music artists to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Cancer.