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Dr. Tinieblas releases “Cosmic Attraction EP” on “Modulated Frequency” [MOF004].

After a short break, the Modulated Frequency label is back with the great Cosmic Attraction EP by the Aruban Dr. tinieblas.

[Versión Español]

After a short break, the Modulated Frequency label is back with the great reference Cosmic Attraction by the Aruban Dr. tinieblas.

After releasing Modulated Frequency’s first EP entitled Kinky Hair, the Aruba-based Venezuelan returns to the Spanish label with the brand new Cosmic Attraction EP. A brilliant release that brings together 03 original tracks plus top remixes by artists Pablo Hdez and Mike D.

As usual, Dr. Tinieblas prints a quality sound with organic textures, jazz influences and catchy bass lines. In this new release that shapes the 4th release of Modulated Frequency, the Aruban embarks on an intergalactic journey through the cosmos, discovering rhythms and melodies that are believed to belong to other galaxies.

Cosmic Attraction EP starts with the title track of the release. In which Dr. Tinieblas starts with a hypnotic percussive groove, accompanied by a bassline loaded with acid textures and vinyl crackles that are softened by a retro-future melody.

It is followed by the 2nd cut Home Making Beats. Fun polyrhythmic production in which he unleashes an unstoppable groove, which intensifies with layers of hypnotic percussion and spacey melodies.

Halfway through the EP, we get 2dekam. Avant-garde cut that fuses sci-fi panoramas with a bass line loaded with a lot of funk. Already in the middle of the track, Dr. Tinieblas inserts colorful pads and a female vocal sample full of feeling.

To close the release, we have on board the remix of the talented Pablo Hdez, where he delivers a cutting-edge minimalist reinterpretation of the track Cosmic Attraction. Followed by the remix of Mike D. of 2dekam, in which he prints syncopated drums, spacey vocals and futuristic soundscapes.

You can now buy your copy of Dr. tinieblas’ Cosmic Attraction EP exclusively on Beatport, by clicking on this link

Finally, at Valetronic we recommend you to visit and support the social networks of the artists behind this new reference. We also invite you to read our review of Modulated Frequency‘s 1st release titled Kinky Hair EP, where Dr. Tinieblas was also the main protagonist.

Dr. Tinieblas: Ig / Sc
Pablo Hdez: Fb / Ig / Sc
Mike D: Fb / Ig / Sc
Modulated Frequency: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: modulated frequency

After a short break, the Modulated Frequency label is back with the great Cosmic Attraction EP by the Aruban Dr. tinieblas.

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