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Dubet, Mike.D presentan Brain Pain EP [IKI009]
[Spanish Version]

The Tenerife based label Tren Iki, launches its 9th release entitled Brain Pain EP, which includes 03 original cuts by Argentinian producer Dubet plus a spicy remix by the Mexican artist Mike.D.

The release kicks off with Brain Pain, an eclectic and purist minimalist cut, where Dubet experiments with micro textures and modular atmospheres. It’s followed by the spicy and hypnotizing remix of the Mexican Mike.D to the Brain Pain cut, where he captures a distinctive and very energetic sound. Halfway through the EP we have ER, a sublime, progressive and classy cut, with a relaxing melody from outer space. Last but not least, the Argentinian concludes the release with the brilliant cut Wealth is in the Mind. A cheerful, groovy tune with a catching rhythm and a cutting-edge melody that will keep our brains in a non-stop travelling.

Brain Pain EP, is a release that takes place in an environment in perfect balance between dub techno and strong driven minimal. With a heavy Romanian influenced sonority, it exhales compelling melodies that are flavored with impeccable modular and analog sounds.

From now on, you can grab your copy of Tren Iki’s 9th Release on Beatport, by clicking here.

Lastly, at Valetronic we invite you to follow and share the social networks of the artists in charge of the Brain Pain EP release.

Dubet: Fb / Ig / Sc
Mike.D: Fb / Ig / Sc

Audio and photo credits: Beatport, Tren Iki

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