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We recently spoke with the talented Uruguayan artist Luciano Garrido Aka Ciano Rid, about his career and the recent success of his Never EP released on the transatlantic label Yet! Records.

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Luciano Garrido Aka Ciano Rid is a Uruguayan artist, who from an early age felt great affinity and passion for music. With only 14 years old he started self-taught in music production and at the age of 18 he signed his first EP in Time Has Changed Records.

He lived in Barcelona for 2 years, where he was able to meet and perform in the international electronic scene. With all that experience on board, Luciano Garrido returns to Uruguay and creates La Terraza. A series of events that quickly consolidated as the best party in his country, with more than 4000 people in each of its editions.

Currently, Luciano has a series of EPs and singles published on well known labels, highlighting the release of Never EP on Yet Records. This EP has had excellent feedback so far and has managed to position itself in the Beatport top in the following categories:


Luciano is a pleasure for us to have you here, first of all a big welcome and congratulations for the great success of your recent release on Yet Records.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your track Never and its production. What elements did you seek to add to your song that you considered essential when producing an EP for Yet Records? How was your reaction to seeing such good feedback from your release on Beatport?

Hello, first of all. Thank you very much for the invitation. I made the track Never just started the quarantine. I just came from a South American tour of more than a month and when it was a long time without being in the studio, I imagine that I make tracks in my head so I came back with many ideas that I went down to earth in the pandemic.

One of those was Never. The main element of the track is the bass and the groove, that’s what I spent the most time on. Once that was achieved the rest was born by itself. I think Yet is a very versatile label that is not focused on a particular style, that’s why I didn’t limit myself to adapt to «some» sound. I did what I wanted to do and that’s why the guys at Yet liked it.

It usually happens to me that once I finish the tracks I stop liking them so I didn’t have any expectations. But every time I showed it to someone they loved it. When I showed it to Franky Rizardo and he liked the idea of doing a remix I thought the track could do well but I never imagined it would go so far. So it was a huge surprise.

We would like to know more about the origin of your other alias presented as Ciano Rid, how does it differ from Luciano Garrido? Did you make a combination of both styles with Never EP?

I had been thinking about changing my stage name for quite some time. Well, with all this pandemic hiatus I thought it was the ideal moment. It just so happened that the first release was Never. My idea is to work on two different and defined profiles. One with Ciano Rid and the other with Luciano Garrido. Ciano Rid more tech house oriented and Luciano Garrido more deep. Never is a combination of the two.

Talking a bit about La Terraza, what plans do you have for your event cycle in 2021, any souvenir or detail that you can give us in advance?

About La Terraza, great things are coming when everything gets back to normal. We have been working for months on a new location that when it comes to light, it will make an impact!

With all that we live in 2019, how do you see the electronic scene currently in your country and in the world? How do you see it projected in 05 years?

I think the pandemic is going to be a before and after in the electronic scene. The big clubs and parties are the ones that are going to be able to survive this. So there is going to be a new terrain that somehow new people will occupy. New people, new ideas, we will see what happens.

To conclude, we would like to know about your current projects, what are the next EPs you have ready to announce? What do we expect more in the future, productions such as Luciano Garrido or Ciano Rid?

Regarding my next releases, I have an EP coming out with Sunday Noise on Laguna Records. A track for a V.A on Oceaníc Records and another release on Yet with a remix by Daniel Sanchez.

Lastly, at Valetronic we invite you to follow and share the Uruguayan artist’s social media for future releases, mixes and news. We also invite you to read our review of Luciano Garrido Aka Ciano Rid‘s Never EP, released on the transatlantic label Yet! Records.

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Hace poco tuvimos una entrevista con el talentoso artista uruguayo Luciano Garrido Aka Ciano Rid, donde platicamos a profundidad acerca de su carrera y el reciente éxito que ha obtenido su lanzamiento Never EP en el sello transatlántico Yet! Records.