Ministerie van Ambiente presents ANOTHER NIGHT IN ROMANIA

por | Sep 15, 2019 | English

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Ministerie van Ambiente presents ANOTHER NIGHT IN ROMANIA, to be held on the beautiful island of ARUBA.

Ministerie van Ambiente are party enthusiasts on a mission to expand the Aruba underground movement.

Ministerie van Ambiente
So, MVA are happy to announce their event to come on September 21 and 22 with the international DJ / Producer DRAGUTESKU, coming directly from Romania for this great party.

Dragut Adrian aka Dragutesku is a true talent of the underground scene, an essential piece of the harmonious puzzle that is Romanian music.

«An artist who will give a sample of the best sound of the RO-MINIMAL scene that everyone has been waiting for.»

Ministerie van Ambiente

The main event will be at the 7WEST nightclub, with the opening acts of local artists Tinieblas and Jona.

Then on Sunday 22, the party will continue sailing along the beautyful aruba coast, departing from the Hadicurari pier, accompanied by the sounds of Myron and Dragutesku.

ministerie van ambiente presenta One Night in Rumania 2do dia
Without a doubt, Ministerie van Ambiente has prepared us not one but two quality events for Minimal lovers.

«We also remind you that the TICKET for the BOAT will cost $ 50, and that it will have a LIMITED capacity

So we recommend to buy your ticket as soon as possible and ensure your enjoyment at the party, with this ticket you can also access 7West.

Finally, in Valetronic we share the most recent podcast that the artist Dragutesku recorded for Trommel Music.

«The PODCAST was completely recorded with unreleased tracks from DRAGUTESKU, as well as a good portion of his next album.»

Créditos de Fotografía y Audio: MvA, Medium.com, TrommelMusic