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NICOLA BRUSEGAN (ITA) | Valetronic Podcast 064

To celebrate Valetronic Podcast 064, we have prepared a very special set of infectious sounds by the Italian artist Nicola Brusegan.

[Versión Español]

To celebrate Valetronic Podcast 064, we have prepared a very special set of infectious sounds by the Italian artist Nicola Brusegan.

Nicola Brusegan, born in Venice in 1978. Since he was young he has been passionate about the world of music, starting in the 90’s when the DJ profession was not as common and determined as it is today, at least in Italy. This passion led Nicola to spend entire afternoons listening to vinyls, collecting hundreds of them.

He began to have a diversified knowledge of music and to distinguish himself with a good personal technique, always fresh and innovative. After two years of work, he finally became a resident dj at the “East Side World” nightclub in Padua. For the next 5 years everyone knew his sound, performing in the most famous and important clubs in northern Italy.

Nicola also collaborated with artists on the arsenal label, providing a high level of good music and sounds.

In the Valetronic Podcast 064 episode, the artist Nicola Brusegan, delivers an exclusive mix where he navigates between futuristic House, Minimal and Breakbeat grooves.

Nicola explores an hour of elegant rhythms, accompanied by avant-garde atmospheres and textures, where House, Minimal and futuristic broken beats take possession of your senses.

With a musical line loaded with Breakbeat as the spinal cord of the set, the Venetian immerses us in a voyage of spacey melodies with powerful sub basses. A mix that compiles a colorful and very interesting selection of tracks, where Nicola presents an excellent progression in the mix.

Remember that you can enjoy the Valetronic Podcast on the Boogie Bunker Radio station every Thursday from 5 to 6 pm (GMT+0), through its website www.boogiebunkerradio.com.

Finally, at Valetronic, we suggest to visit and support the Venetian’s social networks for future references and exclusive sessions. We also recommend enjoying our latest episode Valetronic Podcast 063, mixed by the German NVNDO.

Nicola Brusegan: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: Valetronic Soundcloud

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