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PABLO HDEZ & ANDY PEIMBERT present SMALL FADER [Lacuna Recordings]

For the release of Lacuna Recordings’ LCN-X Series, we have a compilation of various artists, including the track SMALL FADER by artists Pablo Hdez & Andy Peimbert.

[Spanish version]

Pablo Hdez is a young DJ from the island of Tenerife. Playing in private events since he was a teenager. Pablo improved his music culture and dj skills until Hanfry Martinez saw his qualities as a proper talent scout. And invited him to his parties letting play in the first important clubs of his career.

During the last few years, he has played alongside artists like Enzo Siragusa, Margaret Dygas, Ferro, Javier Carballo, Riva Starr, Shaf Huse, etc. He also has some international appearances in Naples and London.

In 2018 he also started to work on his own productions, having his first releases on various labels straight away. And receiving great feedback online.

Pablo is, nowadays, one of the greatest promise for the Minimal/Microhouse scene of the island. Currently has releases on labels such as Ruem Trax, Aparenzza, Doop Rec, In Dushe, etc. Including his most recent release SMALL FADER alongside Andy Peimbert on the label Lacuna Recordings.

On the other hand, Andy Peimbert is an artist from San Francisco de Campeche, México. He is also a sound engineer, producer & founder of the record label Outcast Music.

Without a doubt, Andy is a music lover, and he reflects this quite well through many releases on record labels. Therefore, he has signed tracks on MOOB Records, MyHouse YourHouse, Lapsus Music, OBlack Records. NoExcuse Records, Swerve Digital, NastyFunk Records, 1994 Music & Lacuna Recordings.

As for the release of Lacuna Recordings‘ LCN-X Series, Pablo Hdez & Andy Peimbert are combining their musical skills and talents to present us their track called SMALL FADER.

An avant-garde production with a whole combination of latent MicroHouse and Minimal elements in its rhythmic base. Where through Pads, vocals and smooth atmospheres, they present us the sound of each artist in a musical voyage that fits perfectly with Lacuna Recordings.

In fact, SMALL FADER and the other tracks of the Lacuna Recordings compilation, are available for free download via soundcloud for our enjoyment. Therefore, here we share the link to unload Small fader, it’s necessary to have a soundcloud account to access the tracks of the compilation.

Finally, at Valetronic, we invite you to follow the social networks of the Djs Pablo Hdez & Andy Peimbert and also the Lacuna Recordings label.

Audio & Photo Credits: Andy Peimbert, PabloHdezDjLacuna Recordings

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