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For the new episode of PLAY GROOVE RADIOSHOW, we have a fresh and exclusive set by the Italian guest artists ALEX DAM & ZAMBIANCKI.

[Spanish Version]

Alex Dam & Zambiancki met in Amsterdam in 2019 and from the very start felt deeply musically connected. Inspired by Funk and UK rave scene, Alex is perfectioning a classy blend of deep house made for the floor. His first solo EP is now out on Whoyostro and in 2020 new releases are announced, both digital and on record.

alex dam

While Zambiancki, coming from Jazz and Soul, creates his particular style of Minimal/ Deep-Tech House. His solo works are released through Jambutek, Soblazn, Arcenciel and many other quality dance music labels.


Together they have a sound that is unique, catchy, energetic and very deep. The two italians are aiming at the dancefloor, delivering quality dance tools. They first release is part of Lacuna Christmas VA 2020, first solo EP it’s was released on February 14th via russian label Farmat.

The two are constantly sharing fresh podcasts and their first radio session together premieres through a special set for PLAY GROOVE RADIOSHOW in it’s 30th edition.

A session packed with selected beats, where the fusion of both styles of the artists is shown with soulful rhythms, funk and minimalist atmospheres. The duo features a fresh and fun style in their transitions, where they play with the musical shades of each track to give us a colorful set with an avant-garde essence.

Among the selection of tracks in the mix, several gems of his production stand out, which bring an incredible energy to the development and evolution of the set.

Now, we invite you to enjoy an exclusive mix with the best deep sound of the artists ALEX DAM & ZAMBIANCKI.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow the social networks of the Italian artists.

Alex Dam: FB / IG  / Soundcloud
ZambianckiFB / IGSoundcloud

We also take the opportunity to share with you the previous edition of Play Groove Radioshow with an exclusive set loaded with unreleased music by South African artist Toochi.

Audio & Photo Credits: Play groove music

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