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For the new release number 189 of PLAY GROOVE RECORDINGS, we count with the compilation MEDELLIN MUSIC WEEK V.A 2020 that gathers five original cuts of 12 well-known artists of the electronic music scene.

[Spanish Version]
Medellín music week v.a 2020

After the success of the first compilation of the Medellín Music Week 2019; Play groove Recordings introduces for the second year in a row a compilation that brings together the best electronic underground sounds of the moment. For this special release of the MEDMW2020, we count with productions by acclaimed artists such as Tomi & Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero, White Off; Sauvage Back, Mesquitas, Agustin Klein, Christian DM and Mediahora.

The compilation begins with the Left To Right cut by the talented duo Tomi & Kesh alongside Alessandro Diruggiero, with a track that totally embraces the essence of Tech-House; with an unstoppable and energetic groove, lots of rhythmic percussion and small vocal samples that give the production an excellent hype.

Keeping the same line of the first track, it”s followed by The Thrill from the White Off duo, where they present us a fresh and amusing Tech-House reference. In addition to the predominant funky basslines, they also include in an unique way a processed vocal sample from Walking On A Dream by the band Empire Of The Sun.

Then, halfway through the compile, we have the Moroh cut of Sauvage Back; a strong groovy and hypnotic example of Deep Tech with layers of pads and synthesizers in its development; an elegant production with immersive basslines and a pulsating melody.

In the next to last cut, we have an excellent collaboration between the artists Mesquitas and Agustin Klein named Time Limit. A solid example of Deep Tech where the 303 riffs, small vocal cuts and dirty funky basslines takes control of your senses in a totally mesmerizing voyage.

Finally, to close the MEDMW2020 release, we have the Green Light cut by producers Christian DM and Mediahora; where they combine styles in an eclectic production full of minimalist soundscapes.

From beginning to end it’s a track packed with little sparkles Sounds, rimshots and different elements that give an incredible rhythm & soul to the composition.

The release of Play Groove’s Medellin Music Week V.A 2020, took place on March 27th on Beatport.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow the social networks of all the artists involved in the creation of this great compilation.

Tomi & Kesh: IG / FB / Soundcloud
Alessandro Diruggiero: IG / FB / Soundcloud
White Off: IG / FB / Soundcloud
Sauvage Back: IG / FB / Soundcloud
Mesquitas: IG / FB / Soundcloud
Agustin Klein: IG / FB / Soundcloud
Christian Dm: IG / FB / Soundcloud
Mediahora: IG / FB / Soundcloud

We also take the opportunity to invite you to check out the review we prepared of the recently compiled MIAMI MUSIC WEEK 2020 by Play Groove Recordings.

Audio & Photo credits: Play Groove

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