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[Spanish Version]

Poliniza is a platform in the Canary Islands that brings together musicians and artists with the aim of carrying out green actions in the face of environmental issues; such as global warming, pollution, erosion, desertification and deforestation, among others.

Thanks to music and its expansive power through the web, Poliniza has managed to make its message resound in every corner of the planet, where their main mission is to exchange music for trees.

Founded in late 2018, Poliniza offers a release to date entitled MP01 El Cardón; which includes 03 remarkable and well diverse electronic cuts from producers Otnip, Muse Groove and Jose Armas.

poliniza mp01 el cardón

Otnip – Monte

Carlos Sanchez in his Otnip format delivers a totally instrumental, downtempo and melodic musical piece, perfect as an intro or an outro; it’s a tune full of positive energies and subtle harmonic environments that sweeten our ears.

Muse Groove – Vibrations

The second cut of the EP entitled Vibrations belongs to the Tenerife-based techno duo Muse Groove. They deliver a cut that combines deep house sounds with clean and powerful dub techno; accompanied by relaxing chords in crescendo that consolidate in a fresh and progressive groove.

Jose Armas – Miller Band

Last but not least, we have the Miller Band cut by Spanish producer Jose Armas, in which he presents a solid reference of minimal and deep tech; with an elegant and cutting edge style; it’s a song that presents a good balance between dub atmospheres and melodic chords.

The MP01 El Cardón release by Poliniza, can be downloaded exclusively via Bandcamp.

All profits and earnings obtained from purchases and donations will be used for reforestation in the Canary Islands with endemic trees and plants. Finally, we at Valetronic invite you to visit and support the music and mission of this Spanish label.

Poliniza: FB/ IG/ BC

Audio and photo credits: bandcamp

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