SIXTEE SECONDS are the Romanian artists behind the Obsolescent Label’s 5th release entitled DILIGENCE EP, which brings 02 impressive & futuristic RoMinimal cuts.

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Module & NMG present Sixtee Seconds Duo - Diligence EP [Coupled/You Know] [OBS005 - Obsolescent] Rominimal

Sixtee Seconds are a fresh and consistent duo formed by MODULE and NMG. Artists on the rise who aim to flood the global dance floors with their infectious and distinctive sound. Module is from Timisoara and NMG is from Bucharest.

In 2020 influenced by the sounds between night and day will come out their first EP on the Romanian label OBSOLESCENT; they will quickly establish
themselves as a reference duo of Minimal Tech and Deep Tech artists.

Module & NMG aka Sixtee Seconds [ Obsolescent ]

About DILIGENCE EP, Sixtee Seconds said: «Lockdown exposed the best aspects and worst flaws of humanity. That period of uncertainty and anxiety forced ys to meditate on the obvious need to change the damaging systems we live by. By working together, we’ve created a sonic and visual dialogue around these global structural issues. Taking the minimal percussion sound and groovie bass, that give you the filling that we all can be together on the same dance floor again»

Sixtee Seconds kicks off the EP with the song Coupled. An elegant production, full of avant-garde sounds and textures; where they experiment with cutting edge soundscapes and an enigmatic melody that immerses us in a sensorial voyage without return. With a strong reference of the Rominimal sound in their production structure, the rising duo offers an eclectic cut placed in a dystopic future worthy of a sci-fi film.

The Obsolescent’s 5th release called Diligence EP by Sixtee Seconds, will take place on September 15th, exclusively on Beatport.

On the other hand, Sixtee Seconds was present at the last edition of Valetronic’s Paisajes Sonoros; with an incredible 2 hours videoset loaded with avant-garde sounds and images of the beautiful Timișoara city located in Romania.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow and share the rising romanian duo’s social networks.

Sixtee Seconds: Fb / Ig / Sc

Audio and photo credits : Sixteesecondsro

Module & NMG present Sixtee Seconds - Diligence EP [Coupled/You Know] [OBS005 - Obsolescent] Rominimal