PSTW present A NEW DAY EP [SWT001]

por | Nov 13, 2020 | English

The new label of Pablo Hdez and Andy Peimbert SWEET TRIP MUSIC, releases the first reference A NEW DAY EP with the talented duo PSTW.

[Spanish Version]

El nuevo sello de Pablo Hdez y Andy Peimbert SWEET TRIP MUSIC, estrena la primera referencia A NEW DAY EP con el talentoso dúo PSTW mas remixes de Jennings. y Andy Peimbert.

PSTW, namely Paul Sansome and Tom Watkins are an artist duo and owners of Lacuna Recordings from Cheshire, UK. Having started Djing together in 2014, the duo have played at some of the most iconic clubs across the UK and Ibiza; whilst over time developing their craft within the studio. Their sound, which tends to focus on uplifting ambience, tight groove and rolling bass has seen them gain a number of releases under their belt already.

The duo have really honed in on their production these last months finishing multiple projects. With releases on Whoyostro, Terence:Terry’s Epice Magique Records, a remix for Jerome.c on Modula Records & Music Related; the pair have had a bright 2020 with more exciting releases and collaborations where they highlight the flawless A New Day EP for Sweet Trip Music.

Sweet Trip Music’s first release is formed by 2 original cuts by PSTW plus top remixes by Jennings. and Andy Peimbert.

The EP begins with A New Day, a cut loaded with Minimal’s comforting rhythms with full steam drums. A journey of melodies and vibrant sounds sweetened by a hypnotic vocal. For the 2nd cut Reminisce, the duo presents a cut lighter in percs but taking over sweet tones and deep basslines instead. They include a contagious female vocals that show a strong 90’s influence.

In the 3rd cut, we have Jennings‘ eclectic remix of A New Day. The UK rising star assembles with great detail and precision an elegant and enigmatic Minimal line. To finish the EP, we have Andy Peimbert’s Reminisce remix. From start to finish it’s a cut that gets you and doesn’t let go until it’s over. A groove loaded with captivating rhythms, abysmal basslines and modulations that take life of their own.

From today you can pre-order PSTW’s A New Day EP on Beatport, by clicking here.

Without a doubt, Sweet Trip Music premieres their first release with 04 refined cuts created to take us on a smooth trip through the electronic music galaxies. Pleasant melodies, tireless grooves and fresh vocals give life to A New Day EP.

Finally, at Valetronic we shared with you the social media of the artists who created Sweet Trip Music’s brilliant first release.

PSTW: Fb / Ig / Sc
Jennings.: Fb / Ig / Sc
Andy Peimbert: Fb / Ig / Sc

We also invite you to enjoy the exclusive premiere of PSTW’s A New Day cut on our soundcloud page. We also share with you the Valetronic Podcast from one of the Sweet Trip Music’s founders Andy Peimbert.

Audio and photo credits: Beatport