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Dubnation Records is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in electronic music. Each release is carefully selected and curated by founder Hector Couto to deliver an exceptional listening experience.

Among its line-up of releases, Dubnation currently boasts fourteen powerful EPs from renowned artists such as Muse Groove, Peter W, Danush, Bartolome, Matthew F, etc. Among them, highlighting the recent «Bad Wax EP» by Sydney-based artist Ben Horton.

Ben Horton is a producer with a deep passion for all things House music. Ben’s musical journey began at an early age, playing instruments such as trumpet, guitar, piano, etc. Inspired by the sound of 90’s tech house in particular, he’s a producer who likes to captivate his audience in a sonic odyssey, composed of groovy melodies, punchy drums and thick bass.

«BAD WAX» is a true gem of Dub Techno with minimal deep tech overtones that will transport you to an unprecedented sonic journey. With captivating rhythms, deep bass and an enveloping atmosphere, this EP captures the very essence of the genre. Each track immerses you in a state of musical trance, making you lose yourself in its mystery and beauty.

The EP’s title track features Zatox’s classic and funky vocals «Nobody Likes My Kicks«, where producer Ben gives it a fresh and groovy twist for the senses. On the other hand, the hypnotic track Don’t Answer The Phone, has an immersive melody with a classic Dub Techno aesthetic and sound. Accompanied by a unique vocal sample and bass one-shots that transport us to those classic and powerful sounds of UK Garage and Drum & Bass.

From now you can listen and buy BAD WAX EP by Ben Horton exclusively on Beaport, by visiting this link.

Ben Horton has managed to create a distinctive sound that combines the best of Dub Techno with his own creative touch. His skills as a producer and his passion for music are clearly reflected in «BAD WAX», making it an unmissable gem for lovers of the genre and a great hit for the Spanish label.

Dubnation Records continues to leave its mark on the music scene, providing listeners with unparalleled sound experiences. If you are a fan of Dub Techno or just looking to discover new sounds and cutting-edge electronic music, you can’t miss the opportunity to explore the catalog of this label or its sister label Roush Label.

Get ready to dive into a world of irresistible rhythms and hypnotic melodies. Without further ado, we invite you to follow the label’s social media, as well as those of the Sydney-based artist.

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dubnation records | sellos discograficos