Every month we present the best electronic sounds from artists of the global underground scene. In the Valetronic Podcast 084 show, we premiere an exclusive mix from the Italian DJ/Producer based in Mallorca, Sauvage Back.


sauvage back | valetronic podcast 084

In this new edition of Valetronic podcast, we bring you a unique sound experience from the talented artist Sauvage Back. In this show, Sauvage Back transports us to a captivating musical journey, full of enveloping rhythms and fascinating melodies.

With unparalleled skill, Sauvage has managed to capture the essence of cutting-edge electronic music in this exclusive set. Each carefully selected and meticulously mixed track merges seamlessly, creating a listening experience that is a true delight to the senses.

His music is an invitation to dive into a vibrant and energetic sound universe.

Valetronic Podcast 084 is a real gem for electronic music lovers. This EP is a showcase of Sauvage Back’s talent and passion for edgy electronic music. His ability to tell stories through his musical selection that travels between deep tech and minimal house beats is evident in every minute of the podcast.

Each song invites us to let ourselves be carried away by the rhythm and to immerse ourselves in a world of pleasant rhythms, hypnotic atmospheres and catchy vocals that transport us to unimaginable places. Get ready for an unforgettable sonic voyage, where the captivating rhythms become a transformative experience and immerse you in a state of total euphoria.

Sauvage Back continues to leave his mark on the electronic scene with his talent and dedication to music. Finally, at Valetronic, we invite you to visit and follow his social networks.

Sauvage Back: Fb / Ig / Sc

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