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Alex dam & zambiancki, sebastian ledher - your eyes ep
[Spanish Version]

The Play Groove Recordings boss Sebastian Ledher teams up with European artists duo Alex Dam and Zambiancki to deliver Your Eyes EP; a release that includes two power packed Minimal cuts that push things to the next level.

Sebastian is a leading personality on the global scene, who keeps achieving hits for labels such as Voltaire, Bamboleo, etc. That after releasing his latest single Beat Again in collaboration with Alessio Bianchi for Deeperfect label; he recruits the rising European stars Zambiancki and Alex Dam, who have signed great releases as a collective on labels such as Farmat, Need, Purism and Lacuna.

Your Eyes EP brings together a trio of artists who individually add their own style and provide as a result 02 exquisite electronic compositions that have a broad selection of rhythms and soundscapes.

Your Eyes

A stylish production that exudes a fresh rhythm that comes alive from the very beginning through stimulating chords, pulsating beats and a delightful balance of brief synthesizers with little acidic tones in its composition. A song with soul and funk energies that in combination with the other elements; they create a deep cut that lifts the mood and conveys a non-stop groove.

Follow Me (Ft. Timeless)

In the 2nd and last song named Follow Me, the trio of artists present a progressive acid house cut; where vibrant basslines, guitar riffs with delays, wahwah and tiny acid resonances are combined and softened with the exotic voice of Timeless. Groovy, hypnotic and with a lot of driving drums, is a track that will give a lot to speak and dance about.

The Release of Your Eyes EP by Sebastian Ledher, Alex Dam & Zambiancki, took place on June. You can get your copy now on Beatport.

In brief, Your Eyes EP is a great release that brings together 03 artists that combine skills and rhythmic abilities, to give us 02 elegant and powerful tracks full of attitude and funk at its best.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow and support the social networks of the artists who made this release for the Spanish label Play Groove.

Sebastian Ledher FB / IGSC
Alex Dam FB / IG / SC
Zambiancki FB / IG / SC

Audio and photo credits: Play Groove Recordings

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