Sergio Bennett, dj, producer, label manager and PR at Yet! Records, is the protagonist of the new release Groove On EP with Jee Bear.

[Spanish Version]
Sergio Bennett, Jee Bear - Groove On EP [YET020] singles: Groove on & Pandora's Box

The Spanish artist Sergio Bennett combines skills and abilities with the Dominican producer Jee Bear in a very versatile way. Creating an interesting duo that results in Groove On, a powerful and progressive single full of fresh sounds and rhythms for our ears.

Sergio Bennett usually blends a wide variety of styles and sounds in his productions. Where it stands out a balance between powerful beats of Tech House, indie dance, disco and a strong influence of House and Deep House.

Groove On is a solid representation of the signature sound of both artists, where they combine a hypnotic and progressive rhythm of House and Deep Tech. A groovy production with an immersive, fun and electrifying bassline that also features exciting percussions, a pleasant vocal sample and a synthesizer that takes us into a sci-fi world.

The Groove On EP release by Sergio Bennett and Jee Bear for the Spanish label Yet! Records, also includes two high-caliber remixes by the artists David Jach and Steve Hope. Undoubtedly an absorbing creation perfectly seasoned that provides a true sense of dynamism that contrasts impeccably with the energy and unique sound of the label.

Next, we want to share with you a little interview session we had with the talented Sergio Bennett about the creative process of Groove On.
productor Sergio Bennett, Jee Bear - Groove On EP [YET020]
What do you focus on or inspire when producing a track? What factors influence the process?

I really like to find inspiration by listening to other artists’ music in my daily life, from there I capture ideas and try to develop them. I have to say that the basslines are my weakness, I love to start from that point, a good Bassline!

What are you doing for the future? What can we expect from this 2020 for Sergio Bennett? Which labels will you be signing your productions with?

I am very focused on our label and the team, everything that has to do with my work as PR for both; although I am not leaving aside my tasks as an artist and I am working on new collaborations and alliances.

For this strange year after everything that is happening, apart from «Groove On» in our house Yet Records. I will release a new single in November called «Propaganda» also in collaboration with Jee Bear, on the well known German label Brise Records; it will include a super remix of the Deep House boss who was a resident of Cocoon for years, «Sascha Dive».

By 2020 I will be back with a remix for Oscar Mula on Yet Records, a new single on the French label My Vision Records and a collaboration with Michael Espinosa on his Swiss-based label Studio 405.

Groove On is a totally immersive single and we would like to know. How was the creative process with Jee Bear behind Groove On? How did you organize your ideas?

What to say about Groove On? The moment I started working on the track, I remember that I was just looking for a different sound from everything else you hear; not to classify the track in a particular genre but to make it a fusion of styles.

And when I sent the beginning and a first selection of ingredients to Juan Carlos and told him what I was looking for; he knew how to interpret it perfectly and shaped it in a brutal way. Adding a terrible deep tech touch, then I did the mixing back and Danny Serrano took care of the so incredible master. Voila! Super track hahaha

In this new era that you cannot travel so constantly to work with artists in a studio, tell us a little about; how that creative process was by applying this new modality in practice?

Interesting question, the truth is that in these times artists have made more of an effort to specialize in working each one from their studio on collaborations; but I have to tell you that it is a practice that has been done quite a lot.

Since one cannot travel every day to collaborate for example with people from the American continent, imagine the costs of such audacity hahaha! The process is simple, just send the project file if you work with the same daw or the stems in wav if you work with different daws.

To conclude, Sergio, any tip you can give to producers who aspire to climb higher levels and sign with better labels?

Yes, of course, I will give two tips that are key to consolidate themselves as respected artists. One is not to sign a lot of music continuously, but to select well what you take out and pamper it; less is more and it is better quality than quantity.

And the other one is not to aim at making your songs sound fat and powerful, but rather to sound good, with quality, that there is an order. If you do, your mastering engineer will appreciate it and make them sound good and fat!

It has been a pleasure to share with you such a nice time, a hug and please stay safe. THANK YOU.

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Sergio Bennett: Fb / Ig / Sc
Jee Bear: Fb / Ig / Sc

Audio and photo credits: Yet ! Records