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STEVE HAMMER (ITA) | Valetronic Podcast 060

Stefano Urso AKA Steve Hammer, is the guest artist in charge of the new Valetronic Podcast 060, with a special minimalist beats mix.

[Versión Español]

Stefano Urso AKA Steve Hammer, is the guest artist in charge of the new Valetronic Podcast 060, with a special minimalist beats mix.

Steve Hammer was born in 1988 in Scorrano (Lecce), a small town in southern Italy. His musical background is inspired by the popular culture of Salento, in the magnificent region of Apulia. When he was 14 years old, he began to appreciate musical creativity in the club scene.

Having developed a solid following in the Puglia region, he moved to Venice at the age of 18 to further explore his passion for House music. Here he built his studio, dedicating himself to the cult of sound through analog machines and started playing live all over Venice always perfecting his music, which evolved from House music to include minimal and techno-house vibes.

With a fresh and unique sound, Steve Hammer has releases on labels such as Floorpiece Digital, PURISM Wave, Pogo House Records, Recycle Limited, among others.

In the Valetronic Podcast 060 episode, Italian Steve Hammer explores minimalist rhythms loaded with lots of funk and flavor.

A fun, cinematic session, full of elegant soundscapes. An hour of top rhythms, with a slow-burning progressive session that gradually intensifies the garnish in its musical selection.

Fun grooves full of little vocal samples that bring an organic and dynamic vibe to this new episode. Without further ado, we invite you to enjoy the best Steve Hammer’s sounds, in this new delivery of Valetronic Podcast.

Remember that you can enjoy the Valetronic Podcast on the Boogie Bunker Radio station every Thursday from 5 to 6 pm (GMT+0), through its website www.boogiebunkerradio.com.

Finally, at Valetronic we wish you a happy weekend and we recommend you to visit and support the Italian talent’s social media. We also take this opportunity to recommend you the Valetronic Podcast 059, with the French artist Basic 96 as guest artist.

Steve Hammer: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: Valetronic soundcloud

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