Juan Guedes, better known as «Guedes» is a Venezuelan DJ and producer based in the city of Barcelona.


Juan Guedes, better known as "Guedes" is a Venezuelan DJ and producer based in the city of Barcelona.

His talent and creativity have left a significant mark on the contemporary art scene. Throughout his career, Guedes has captivated audiences with his unique style and ability to combine eclectic electronic music rhythms.

With a wide selection of music that borders between digital and analog (vinyl), the unpredictability of their sessions is always a feast for the senses. You can listen from Minimal House beats, to tracks that flirt with dub techno textures and little flashes of breaks.

One of those artists that when they come on stage make the dancefloor connect with the vibrations transmitted from the DJ booth.

He’s known for performing in the underground scene for more than 10 years. And having powerful releases of Minimal, Micro-house and everything in between on labels such as Zebra Rec, Fantastic Friends, Ly Abby Records, Golden Gate Club, Intaresu, among others.

In his most recent single of Guedes with Kid Moss titled «Another Broken Soul«. It highlights a minimalist groove in the company of ethereal melodies that achieve an almost dreamlike soundscape. With spacey atmospheres, a pulsating groove and a resonant bassline, it’s an ideal track to fire up the dancefloors.

Guedes continues to evolve as an artist and to explore new techniques and concepts in his career. Undoubtedly, his impact on the music scene will continue to grow in the coming years.

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Guedes: Fb / Ig / Sc / Bc

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