Discover the free plugins that will take your electronic music productions to a new level! In this top, we present you with a variety of must-have tools that will rock your tracks. Let’s get started!


Fracture by GlitchMachines is a plugin for creating robotic artifacts and musical glitches. Focused for electronic musicians and sound designers, it has an easy-to-use intuitive interface with a wide range of parameters that allow you to add abstract textures to drums, synthesizers and sound effects.

Effects processor that will add an extra dose of energy and surprise to your projects.

fracture | glitch machine | plugins gratuitos
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If you’re looking to add a retro touch to your productions, the Cymatics Origin Vintage plugin is an excellent choice. This plugin offers a wide range of controls that allow you to sculpt and transform the wet signal, providing a warm, analog sound.

With its resampler/bitcrusher, special filters and controls for tape saturation, noise, movement and chorus, it’s possible to give your samples a unique soundscape full of vintage character.

origin vintage plugin | cymatics | plugins gratuitos
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Want to give your mixes breadth and depth? Izotope’s Ozone Imager V2 is exactly what you need. With the ability to expand and narrow the stereo field, it’s a plugin designed to achieve a wider and more detailed image in your productions.

Controls the width of any sample. Perfect for creating super wide sounds or narrow, monophonic sources. Make your pianos, synths and cymbals fill your stereo image, or accentuate your low end by narrowing bass and kick drums.

ozone imager v2 | izotope | plugins gratuitos
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Halfway through the note, we find Sampleson’s Overheat. This plugin is based on the natural distortion and compression that occurs when the analog signal is pushed to the limit.

With its convenient interface, it’s a tool that offers a wide range of customizable parameters. From input and output gain, saturation level to tone shaping controls. You can use it to add subtle coloration to individual tracks or to create a full-bodied analog warmth across an entire mix.

Over heat sampleson | plugin gratuitos
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We’ll know the importance of using a good filter that brings texture and movement to your production and Polyverse Music’s Filtron does just that. It is a state-of-the-art digital filter with a 12 dB variable state that can smoothly switch between low pass, band pass and high pass.

It features a fat-sounding internal saturation algorithm, resonance and a crisp post overdrive with two modes to choose from: hot and cold.

filtron by polyverse | plugin gratuitos
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Want to add vocal layers to your productions? Izotope’s Vocal Doubler is a plugin that provides the ability to easily double and thicken vocals. You will be able to create instant backing vocals and give your tracks a fuller and more enveloping sound.

As an honorable mention and also used to maximize the vocals of a track, we’ve the Fresh Air plugin. A handy tool that offers a quick and easy way to add sparkle and clarity to your mixes. Fresh Air adds that touch of air and presence that makes your sounds and vocals stand out.


There you have it! These free plugins will give you a wide range of possibilities to explore and create exciting music. Feel free to try them out and give your productions that special touch that will make them stand out and let electronic music continue to be the soundtrack of our hearts!

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Credits: Glitchmachines, Cymatics, Izotope, Sampleson, Polyverse Music, Slate Digital