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TRENTZ presents PLATYPUS EP [Play Groove – PGR209]

Agustin Bustos Aka TRENTZ, co-founder of Frost Plates Recordings and Ladeep Rec, is the featured artist on the Play Groove Recordings 209 release titled PLATYPUS EP.

[Spanish Version]

Agustin Bustos Aka  Trentz presents platypus EP, play groove recordings 209

Born in Argentina, Agustin Bustos Aka Trentz is a musician that fuses Tech, Minimal House and Uk Garage in a combination of a smooth swing and hypnotic melodies. With two record labels up his sleeve, he is an artist who likes to push his country’s scene by releasing mainly local artists.

With recent EPs on labels such as After:FX, Gliese Rec and Love & Loops, the young Argentinian artist releases Platypus EP on Play Groove Recordings. Trentz takes us with this EP to a journey of minimalist textures, tight basslines and synths that shapes 3 amusing cuts.

The EP begins in an avant garde way with Platypus cut, a unique song defined by elements, singers and minimalist ingredients that unleash an addictive groove. Then, in 2nd place we have Atmosphere, a futuristic cut that emanates space settings with relaxing Minimal sound tones. To complete the release, we have the funk filled Bring It Back cut. Where Trentz fuses sounds, melodies and pleasant vocals that trigger an extended hype mood.

From now on you can download Platypus EP by Trentz on Beatport, by clicking here.

In brief, the Play Groove Recordings 209 release named Platypus EP by the Argentinian artist Trentz; includes 03 brilliant cuts that combine pleasant beats, vivid vocal samples and delightful chords for our senses.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow and share the young Argentinian artist’s social media. We also invite you to enjoy the prior review we made of the Relish EP by the English artist Danny Snowden.

Trentz:  Fb / Ig / Sc

Audio and photo credits:  Beatport

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