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With the intention of bringing new music and emerging artists, UNSEEN MUSIC was born as a Venezuelan record label created in 2020.

[Spanish Version]

Ernesto aka Danum, is the mastermind behind the creation of this new label Unseen Music; where his main goal is focused on opening the doors to new musical proposals, good music and rising artists. Looking not to focus on a specific genre, but rather that each artist brings their essence and unique sound to the label; where only one thing matters and is taken into account «Keep it groovy».

Dis Dis EP is the first release by Unseen music and comes with an original cut by Danum and two remixes by Colombian artists Sebastián Xottelo and Andres Blows. The Ep begins with the same title track as the release, where Danum presents a fun, club-focused track with a groovy bassline, a playful vocal loop and a substantial tech-house beat.

Then we have the remix of Sebastián Xottelo, in which he presents a more percussive, upbeat and rhythmic version of Dis Dis, and like in the first one, it’ s a cut aimed for the club, with a party vibe at the top and basses packed with a lot of groove.

Last but not least, we have Andres Blows‘ remix where he makes a quite catchy version with an acid house line and melodic harmonies that blends jovially into a tech-house modern beat.

The release of the Dis Dis EP by Unseen Music, took place on April 10th on Beatport and May 1st on other platforms.

The Unseen Music label has had great support in this first release from artists such as Groovebox, Rowen Clark, Rone White, among others. Dis Dis EP can be found in Beatport’s Hype category; so we encourage you to visit and get your copy soon; by clicking here.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow the social networks of the artists involved in the creation of this release.

Danum: IG / Soundcloud
Sebastián Xottelo: IG FBSoundcloud
Andres Blows: IG FB Soundcloud

Audio & photo credits: unseenmusic

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