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To start April with good energies, we present you the 5th episode of VALETRONIC PODCAST, with an EXCLUSIVE SET by the guest artist REAKY REAKSON.

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Considered by many as one of the most original individuals on the underground electronic dance music scene; Reaky has an unique style that is often influenced by wide range of electronic as well as non-electronic genres. Deep and hypnotic, while tough, driving and energetic at the same time is his core essence that has remained unchanged since the beginning of his electronic music creations in 1999.

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The Slovenian’s productions have appeared on some of the greatest techno and trance labels with more than 30 vinyl releases, hundreds digital releases as well as on many world-renowned CD compilations, radio shows and in live sets of the leading Djs in underground trance and faster techno scenes.

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In 2012 he launches his own label Midnight Resurrection which showcases mostly his own productions. In 2018 the Slovenian producer reinvents himself as Reaky Reakson and returns with his debut-album Breakfast At Sunset, after 3 years in the studio

Now, for the VALETRONIC PODCAST 005, the artist Reaky Reakson presents us a SPECIAL MIX loaded with electrifying, energetic and uplifting Techno and Trance beats.

The session is full of emotion, creativity, clean mixes & strong beats, with a selection of original productions, remixes and unreleased tracks by the Slovenian artist; including the new alternative versions of the cut «Surprise In The Jungle» from the album Breakfast At Sunset from his latest EP B.A.S. Variations Part 1.

Techno, Trance, Breaks and Psy are some of the genres to enjoy in this exclusive set of Reaky Reakson; that during the following hour will take you in an exuberant and accelerated musical voyage through the different soundscapes of the electronic music. ENJOY !

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to listen and buy the new B.A.S. Variations Part 1 EP from the Slovenian producer, which was released on April 1st exclusively on Beatport.

We also take the opportunity to invite you to follow Reaky’s social networks at IGFBSoundcloud. And also share with you the previous episode of Valetronic Podcast, with the Colombian duo José M. & TacoMan.

Audio & Photo credits: Reaky Reakson