To celebrate the arrival of July, we have prepared a new episode of VALETRONIC PODCAST, featuring the German duo KUESTENKLATSCH.

[Spanish Version]

Kuestenklatsch is the name of the Tech-house project and long-time friends Roman and Joerg, whose got their musical roots in the north of Germany, in Hamburg. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s they participated in two very important decades of music, including the beginning of the legendary house music.

If we listen to their productions today, we can recognize some strong influences from the «good old days». After almost 15 years of performing dj solo action, they decide to team up for founding this project.


Till this day they got signed on labels such 303Lovers, Great Stuff, Get Twisted, Formatik, Baikonur Recordings and many more. Their discography counts more than 40 EP releases and their music got already huge support by many major acts and artists around the world.

With all this success in their back, the German duo Kuestenklatsch raised their own imprint named Fish & Chicks, as a home for upcoming releases of groovy and underground Tech-house music.

Now, for the brand-new episode 017 of the Valetronic Podcast, the duo Kuestenklatsch premieres an exclusive session of underground and retro beats of Tech-house.

Groovy, retro-futurist and with great technique, Kuestenklatsch delivers a peculiar session with a party vibe in each of the electronic gems they mix. Hip-hop, funk, disco, and house are some of the solid references we appreciate throughout this set; in which we will revive the best sounds and rhythms of the good old days with the German duo’s unique style and dynamism.

Having said that, we invite you to delight your senses with an hour of the best grooves and soundscapes by Kuestenklatsch, in this new edition of Valetronic Podcast.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to support and share the social networks of the German duo Kuestenklatsch on their FBIG and SC accounts. We also take the pleasure of sharing with you the previous episode 016 of Valetronic Podcast; with an explosive Tech-house session by the Italian artist Lonely.

Audio and photo credits: kuestenklatsch music