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Valetronic Podcast 034: Jorick Croes

In this episode of Valetronic Podcast we bring to you Jorick Croes. This Aruban Dj/Producer began his career in The Hague clubs like Silly Symphonies and Paard van Troje at the age of 22, mixing house and techno with European post- industrial electronic body music. He started producing in 2003, creating his own tracks – initially as “Serotonin Drops” in collaboration with “Bruno Gets” a good friend and fellow DJ. His subsequent productions as “Jorick Croes” have helped him to take his genres steps further.

In 2015 Croes founded “Caribbean Techno Movement” which is an organization that focuses on electronic music dance events, whether small or festival sized. CTM’s focus is to broaden the horizons of electronic music events, and open more doors for the scene already growing and booming in the Caribbean.

Find out more of what she does on:


Jorick Croes

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