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HOUBLESS MUSIC presents the Various Artists Lluvia de Estrellas. A shower of vibrant lights merging with the soul, raising the vibes through 15 stars that will make us travel through all dimensions.

[Versión Español]

HOUBLESS MUSIC presents the Various Artists Lluvia de Estrellas. A shower of vibrant lights merging with the soul, raising the vibes through 15 stars that will make us travel through all dimensions.

The label of the Chilean artists ASTRE and Mares Houbless Music, releases the 5th various artists album titled Lluvia De Estrellas. Full of magic and cosmic dance, it is a release that brings together 15 minimalist gems from renowned producers of the global electronic scene.

Lluvia De Estrellas features cuts and collabs from artists such as: ASTRE, Carlos De La Ruiz, Cupido. Dominik Massaro, Juan Manuel, Noah (DE), Glasinovic, J.Pe Bruna, Jan.dro, Jizz, MANUEL, Mares, Mariche, Mr. Fowks, Parsec (UK), Sunday Noise, Alonso, To.mi Hash, S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D & Vons.

The album opens with Simulator by Carlos De La Ruiz, where he exhales minimalist syncopated rhythms, groovy harmonies and prominence vocals. It’s followed by Abri14 by Cupido. Where he unleashes funky rhythm with basslines with life of their own and upbeat counter melodies. Then comes Waves by Dominik Massaro, Juan Manuel and Noah (DE). Flaming production of elegant rhythms, hypnotizing pads and uplifting grooves.

It follows the atmospheric Incipido by Glasinovic. Where he prints a layered sound of sweet melodies for our senses. Then comes Siempre by J.Pe Bruna, where with minimalist beats, deep bassline and spicy vocals, transports us to another dimension.

Human After All by Jan.dro follows, where addictive basslines, glitchy textures and vocals shape a retro futuristic groove. Jizz‘s Club is next, where he unleashes a groove in crescendo with 303 scenes. MANUEL delivers the experimental Let Me Take A Break, where he combines break beat rhythms with minimalist drums.

The host Mares presents Vortex, a hypnotic and cutting edge cut full of sweet melodies and funk basses. Then, we find Feelings by Mariche. Where slow burning with a lot of harmony and a singular voice, unleashes an unstoppable groove.

Mr. Fowks and ASTRE deliver Low & Deep, a cut of delightful rhythms, edgy melodies and female vocals that adds depth. Reverse The Universe by Parsec (UK) follows. Avant garde cut full of spicy elements that places us in an unknown future.

Safe Me by Sunday Noise and Alonso follows, where they create an exquisite minimalist cut with strong jazz influence. Next is Never by To.mi Hash and S.T.R.E.S.S.S.E.D. With a retro futuristic aesthetic, it’s a voyage of pleasant harmonies and colorful vocals. Last but not least, Dash by Vons. A club-focused cut, full of character, processed vocals and fun beats.

From now on you can buy Houbless Music’s Lluvia De Estrellas album on Beatport, by clicking here.

To conclude, Houbless Music delivers a diverse and great album that brings together 15 high caliber productions from renowned producers of the electronic scene. Full of minimalist rhythms, Deep Tech and everything in between, Lluvia De Estrellas is a compilation that can’t miss in the plalist or collection of any DJ or music lover. 15 tracks, 15 styles, pick your favorite.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow and share the Chilean label’s social media channels for upcoming EPs and albums.

Houbless Music: Fb / Ig / Sc / Bc

Audio and photo credits: Beatport

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