Meet the new record label SUN THEORY [STY001]

por | Oct 13, 2022 | English

Sun Theory is already a reality, from Colombia, this label is born with the intention of showing us an elegant Tech House of the highest level.


Sun Theory is already a reality, from Colombia, this label is born with the intention of showing us an elegant Tech House of the highest level.

For their first release, Sun Theory presents «Burned Skin‘ by Julian Millan (label owner), an EP with two tracks that has the power of a cyclone!

On side A, we get the main cut Burned Skin. The tension offered by the strings is so powerful that it keeps you hypnotized vibrating on the bassline. When the drop arrives, that tension multiplies with the melodies in such a way that you reach the climax and explode to dance.

On the B-side, we have Star Rumble, a track that will play with you. The way the bass wonders and answers itself and the atmosphere the vocals create will make you ask yourself, what is going on here?. Once again the drop is spectacular, Julian is an expert at that.

From now on you can buy and download Burned Skin EP by Julian Millan, at the following Beatport link.

In short, there is no better way to present Sun Theory to the whole world than with such a complete EP. On the other hand, we took advantage of this note to conduct an interview with the founder of the label. In this way, to be able to transmit to the public the intentions with the label and to know a little more in depth about this new project.


What led you to create Sun Theory label with Carlos Ramirez?

I always wanted to have an electronic music label formed by a good working team, that would become a Family, and Lillo (Carlos) made me see that this was the right moment.

What inspired you to create the name and artistic concept of this new Tech-House label?

We wanted a name that would wrap people in a story, but evoke the organic and synthetic rhythms of the sound we wanted to showcase. The music and the sun as part of the whole have their own theories and that inspired us to use that name.

We would like to know, what do you consider the most important aspects to follow when it comes to creating a record label?

To have clarity on how the industry works, to have clear basic concepts, to have a good public relations, an impeccable image that adapts to the new marketing trends, and of course, quality music.

What are the future plans with the label? How many releases can we expect from the label for the rest of this year?

Extend the brand with events, merchandising material and other services related to music production and music in general.

We want to place the label in the first year as one of the most relevant emerging labels in our continent, with monthly releases of different Colombian artists and great international guests.

Which artists would you like to collaborate with on Sun Theory’s upcoming releases?

We have an upcoming reference coming with Sergio Parrado with a remix by Julian Millan. We have invited to the label artists like Danny Serrano (who is also our mastering engineer) we have also invited artists like Dilby, Collective machine, among other important names that are in their top moment.

Last but not least, which are your favorite artists? Which producers do you recommend listening to this 2022?

Well, we have a lot of favorites. Here in Colombia there is a lot of talent like Kamilo Sanclemente, Gux Jimenez, DJ Fronter and Steve Aguirre.

But there are also artists that we would love to have on the label in the future, such as Nick Curly, AudioJack, Miguel Lobo, Reboot, among others. There are also relatively new artists with an authentic sound such as Rsquared and Italobros.

Julian Millan: Fb / Ig / Sc
Sun Theory: Web / Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: beatport

Sun Theory ya es una realidad, desde Colombia, nace este label con la intención de mostrarnos un Tech House elegante del más alto nivel.