Best free audio plugins you need to have [Pt.02]

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Plugins are essential tools in music production, as they allow producers to access a wide variety of sounds and effects that would otherwise be hard to get. In this second post, we’ll recommend some of the best free audio plugins you might need.


free audio plugins

Plugins are computer programs that are integrated into music production software and offer additional features such as synthesizers, sound effects, mixing and mastering tools, and more. By using plugins, producers can experiment with different sounds and effects, customize their compositions and create unique tracks that stand out from the crowd.

There are currently many free plugins available for making music, but here are some of the most popular and highly rated ones on the market:

NOVA from Tokyo Dawn Records is a parallel dynamic equalizer. With the familiar parametric EQ design, each band also includes a full dynamic section that allows the processor to cover a professionally wide range of applications. Whether it’s a master that lacks density, the drum bus that begs for more clarity, or a sibilance problem in your perfect take: NOVA has an elegant response.

plugins de audio gratis que necesitas tener [Pt.02]
To download the NOVA dynamic equalizer, visit the following links [Win/Mac].

Continuing with the equalizers, it is the turn of the Mellowmuse EQ1A. A very subtle, analogically modeled equalizer with minimal phase coloration. It has a high pass filter with variable Q, sweepable low and high frequency filters, and sweepable low and high peak filters with variable Q. Each filter section has a bypass switch for flexibility and work flow speed.

The interface is inspired by classic analog external equalizers, with all controls at your fingertips. And the plugin’s simple but efficient design allows for a high number of instances. Consuming few PC resources, making it a versatile equalizer for all tasks.

plugins de audio gratis que necesitas tener [Pt.02]
To get a free download of the EQ1A equalizer, please visit the following links [Win/Mac].

With Alex Hilton’s A1StereoControl plug-in you can expand or limit the «Stereo Width» of your tracks. It can be used on individual or group tracks and is also usable in final mastering situations.

The integrated ‘Safe Bass’ algorithm centers all bass frequencies below an adjustable value in the center of the stereo field. This gives your tracks the desired solidity and definition, while preserving maximum transparency and clarity. Similar techniques were used by professional studio producers for years with expansive hardware devices such as elliptical equalizers or even advanced m/s processors. With this plug-in you can manage this complicated task with minimum effort.

plugins de audio gratis que necesitas tener [Pt.02]
To download A1StereoControl by Alex Hilton, visit this link.

Now, we’ll talk about some high quality reverb plugins that you definitely have to try. TAL-Reverb-4 is a premium quality plate reverb with a vintage 80’s character.

Easy to use, with a simple but very useful interface, it allows you to create diffusive atmospheres with a fast build-up time and also with long reverb sounds.

tal reverb 4
Visit the following link to download the TAL-Reverb-4 plugin.

On the other hand, we have the OrilRiver. An algorithmic stereo reverb plugin that can rival the quality of commercial reverbs. With this plugin it is possible to simulate the reverberation of a small room and a large hall. OrilRiver has an intuitive interface that allows the user to quickly set the desired reverb sound.

It has a total of 17 variations between tails and early reflections, and a 3-band equalizer to modulate the wet signal, which helps to create different nuances of the virtual space.

In this link you can download OrilRiver by Denis Tihanov.

We couldn’t do this top without adding the legendary CamelPhat 3 plugin. A powerful «coloring» multi-effect specially designed to work wonders on guitar, bass and drums. Adding warmth, punch and presence where needed.

It includes four distinctively different distortion effects, which can be used separately or mixed together to create an infinite variety of tones. A choice of effects includes filter, distortion, flanger, equalizer and compressor.

The ‘Magic EQ’ enhances bass like no other – it’s the perfect kick drum sweetener. Add to that an easy-to-use analog modeled compressor, three resonant filters, two LFOs and an envelope follower.

plugins de audio gratis que necesitas tener [Pt.02]
Download Camel Audio’s Camelphat 3, through this link.

Last but not least, we recommend the Xfer Records’ OTT plugin. It is a recreation of a popular aggressive multi-band up/down compressor used by hundreds of electronic music producers.

Allows you to control the depth to scale the amount of compression, attack/release time of all bands. Input and output gain controls and a display in the low, mid and high bands.

plugins de audio gratis que necesitas tener [Pt.02]
In this link you download Xfer Records’ OTT plugin.

These are just some of the free audio plugins available for music production. There are many more to discover and try, and we at Valetronic, will keep you informed about each of them.

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