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Best free audio plugins you need to have

When creating music, no matter what genre it is, it’s vital to select plugins that will help you improve and customize your sound design. In this note, we’ll recommend some of the best free audio plugins that you must have in your favorite music production program.


audio plugins

When talking about the most used brands of effects and plugins in music nowadays, Valhalla DSP products are always among the most used options. Among their premium range of FX for sound design, they have three free plugins that should not be missing in your DAW.

Valhalla Supermassive has been designed from the ground up for MASSIVE delays and reverbs. Get ready for delicious clouds of reverb, unworldly delays and feedback waves like you’ve never heard before. Features 18 out-of-the-box reverb/delay modes.

Ideal for massive reverbs, harmonic echoes and spatial sounds.

valhalla supermassive audio plugin

It’s followed by the out-of-this-world Valhalla Space Modulator. Plugin that brings eleven algorithms that allow you to make the Flanger effect from scratch. With different types of modulations, strange echoes, reverbs and all kinds of logic-defying effects.

Space modulator is one of those effects that bring a weird yet musical sound to your productions.

valhalla space modulator audio plugin

Now it’s the turn of the Valhalla Freq Echo. It’s the solution for dub, Dr. Who and all your psychedelic needs. It’s a frequency shifter plus analog echo emulator that creates amazing sound effects.

With a variety of different presets and textures available, Freq Echo lets you create everything from subtle delays to endless glissandos and runaway echoes.

valhalla freq echo audio plugin
To download the free Valhalla DSP plugins, please visit this link.

If you are looking to add more movement to your sounds, Baby Audio has three excellent plugins that you have to try. Pitch Drift is a modulation and pitch shifting plugin with a unique “offset” effect. Ideal for adding imperfections to your samples.

Magic Dice is a randomization effect that can add creative variations to sounds. Using delay as the main FX, with layers of reverb and filters in some of its 50 total variations. Magic Switch is a chorus effect inspired by the Juno synthesizer of the 80s. Perfect for adding color and width to your sounds.

Although they have a simple interface and not many modulation options, they offer a rich variety of textures and soundscapes that you can add to your samples. It is recommended to use these 3 plugins as a FX chain on melodies, guitars, leads and pianos, to create atmospheres with a lot of character and movement.

To download the free Baby Audio plugin compilation, visit this link.

We now jump to the peculiar brand UnplugRed. With an interface that combines a design inspired by vaporwave aesthetic and 8-bit games. It offers a variety of 9 fun but effective plugins that achieve a brilliant and distinctive color in the sound samples.

Among their selection of FX, we have to recommend these two plugins that we found fascinating and addictive to explore. We are talking about Prisma and CRMBL.

Prisma is a multi-band distortion for advanced tone shaping. Up to 4 modules can be added to any of the 4 bands (lows, low mid, high mid and highs). There are 16 kinds of FX available, which in the right hands, can create very complex and intricate tones.

Common use cases include very strong distortions applied to a tight band to create more subtle effects and distorted bass recordings in the higher frequencies without damaging the bass.

On the other hand, CRMBL is a very versatile delay plugin with a wide set of functions, which can produce highly textural results. Among the most notorious functions are feedback pitch shifting, asymmetric ping pong, reverse delay and many more.

To conclude this first note of free audio plugins, we share with you the social networks of the recommended plugin companies, so that you can visit them and get to know all their products.

Valhalla DSP: Fb | Ig | Yt | Web
Baby Audio: Fb | Ig | Yt | Web
UnplugRed: Web

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Credits: Valhalla dsp, baby audio, unplugred, splice.com

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