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DONNERSTAG presents “Let Me Know Your Thoughts” [Kitu Records]


donnerstag press photo

For the release number 072 of Kitu Records, we have the brand new album “Let Me Know Your Thoughts” by the DJ and Producer DONNERSTAG.

Donnerstag was born in the United States and raised only a few miles from NYC, he was perfectly positioned to see the development of electronic music.

In 2015, Donnerstag moved to the musically city of Philadelphia and within his first two years he has played almost every major venue in the city

Since then, he has had numerous performances at various festivals in national and international locations.

He also toured Europe 4 times, in locations such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Luxembourg, Ireland, among others.

Indeed, in 2018 and 2019, Donnerstag had 15 Beatport Top 10 on the Techno and Melodic Techno charts.

Also his tracks arrived 20 times to Beatport Top 100, besides having been presented as “Best New Melodic Techno” during 2 months on Beatport.

Without a doubt, his work as a producer has obtained great support from the global electronic scene, receiving the support from national and international artists.

Now, this December 16th, Donnerstag released his biggest EP so far, on the German label Kitu Records.

In relation to “Let Me Know Your Thoughts” is a 6 tracks album that show his diversity as an artist and his personal growth as a music producer.

It turns out that Run to You is the first track and is a melodic techno production with layers of moog synthesizers arpeggiated with a female vocal.

Then we have the tracks En Paradiso and Hope, which presents a melodic Techno sound with Deep elements that will transport you to another dimension.

Halfway through EP, Donnerstag presents Kremlin, Royale and The Picture Inside My Head, 3 solid Techno cuts with Tech Trance elements.

Also, Kremlin and The Picture inside my head contains vocal samples during the entire songs that delivers a very interesting rhythmic story.

In conclusion, Donnerstag gives us an EP that will definitely stand out among listeners with styles ranging from techno to melodic.

Finally, at Valetronic we would like to invite you to listen to and buy the new album “Let Me Know Your Thoughts” by Donnerstag.

Donnerstag’s social networks: Facebook, Beatport, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Créditos de fotos y videos: Dj Donnerstag

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