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FREAKCISCO (Spain) – Valetronic Podcast 033

To celebrate the new VALETRONIC PODCAST 033, we have an exclusive melodic techno set by the Venezuelan artist based in Spain, FREAKCISCO.

[Spanish version]

Born in Venezuela, he began his career in 2005. Since then he has had the opportunity to perform in the most important clubs and festivals of the Venezuelan electronic scene.

Freakcisco currently resides in Barcelona. He studied music production at the Microfusa Sound Academy in 2016.

To celebrate the new VALETRONIC PODCAST 033, we have an exclusive melodic techno set by the Venezuelan artist based in Spain, FREAKCISCO.

Making his way in the Barcelona electronic scene, he managed to perform in clubs like Apolo, City hall, Café del Mar, Macarena, Catwalk.

Freakcisco had the pleasure of sharing the stage with great artists such as Gabriel Ananda, Lost Desert, Pablo Bolivar, Stephan Bamem among others.

Now, to celebrate the VALETRONIC PODCAST 033, the artist Freakcisco premieres an exclusive mix of melodic Techno beats at full capacity.

With a high quality musical selection, Freakcisco leads a musical journey with a round trip ticket through the harmonic spectrum of Techno. With technique and clean transitions, the Venezuelan artist based in Spain provides a set full of emotion and soulful music.

Having said that, we invite you to enjoy Freakcisco‘s sensorial set, in this new edition of Valetronic Podcast.

Last but not least, at Valetronic we recommend visiting and sharing the artist’s social media for further sets and news. We also suggest enjoying the prior Valetronic Podcast edition, with a melodic minimal mix by the multi instrumentalist Italian artist Riccardo Ricci.

Freakcisco: Fb / Ig / Sc

The first 32 episodes of Valetronic Podcast are available in our Podcast category and the Soundcloud and Mixcloud page.

Audio and photo credits: The Network

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