JORICK CROES presents 03 new REMIXES [Estribo Records]

por | Feb 7, 2020 | English

For the upcoming releases numbers 180, 184 and 185 of ESTRIBO RECORDS, we have 3 exclusive Remixes by the artist JORICK CROES.

[Spanish Version]

Jorick Croes began to DJ in The Hague clubs like Silly Symphonies and Paard van Troje at the age of 22 years. He started producing in 2003, creating his own tracks, initially as Serotonin Drops in collaboration with Bruno Gets a good friend and fellow DJ

His further productions as Jorick Croes have helped him take his genre steps further. Consolidating himself as one of the Minimal Techno’s innovators. He has performed with artist like Michel De Hey, Secret Cinema, Paul Kalkbrenner, Joachim, Ellen Allien, Gregor Tresher, Steve Rachmad, DJ Pierre and many more.

In 2015 founded the Caribbean Techno Movement, which is an organization that focuses on electronic music events, whether small or festival sized. CTM is focus on expanding the horizons of electronic music events and open more doors for the scene already growing in the Caribbean.

jorick croes ctm

Jorick is DJ resident at «Bohemian Aruba» the new Hot Spot in the Palm Beach area of the island.

He currently has releases on Record Labels such as Raccoon Records, Liquid Grooves, Pressure, Aquasound, Wasabi Recordings, Voltaire Music, Estribo Records, Doppelgaenger and many more.

Increasingly immersed in his role as an artist and music producer, Croes begins 2020 with a series of brand new releases. Including 3 exclusive remixes that will be released soon on Estribo Records.

jorick croes joda remix

In the first remix called Joda, the artist Jorick chooses to present a more minimalist and pure version of the track, leaving his characteristic sound present in this remix. At the same time, it’s a production that emanates an enigmatic and melodic trip, accompanied by a subtle voice of a spanish singer. Giving shape to a totally organic production.

From now on, you can Pre-order DON’T WANNA GO HOME EP [Estribo 180] by Kenny Kelly, which includes the remix by JORICK CROES.

jorick croes dub bud remix

Then we have the remix of the track Dub Bud, a minimal dub production with Reggae vocal samples. Complemented by an oscillating bassline and analog guitar melodies. A mesmerizing track with a smooth atmospheres, which generates a vintage groove with a lot of textures and LFO.

The release of the remix Dub Bud by Jorick Croes [Estribo 184] will be available in March at major music stores.

Jorick croes sorcerer remix

Finally, we have the remix of the Sorcerer cut, where he presents us with a melody ready to turn on the dancefloor. In fact, a production that captures the whole essence of Minimal techno, where every sound and percussion triggers into a contagious & energetic rhythm.

The launch of the remix Sorcerer [Estribo 185], will be available in mid-March at major music stores.

In summary, Jorick Croes presents us with 03 quality remixes that every Minimal Techno lover needs to have in their playlist.

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Audio & photo credits: Estribo Records, jorickcroesmusic, beatport, junodownload