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KONKRET presents NEBULA X EP [Underfull Label]



For the release number 018 of UNDERFULL LABEL, we have “NEBULA X EP”, which includes 3 organic TECHNO tracks by artist KONKRET.

KonKreT, born in Venezuela, and currently living in Miami, is a professional audio engineer, DJ and producer since year 2005.

To begin with, he developed his artistic identity at his own pace producing and djing techno music and adding those influences in his repertoire.

In 2006 he started his own label UNDERFULL LABEL, which now days still active and well carried by the production of Techno music, alternative events and Djs performances.

Always looking towards the improvement and definition of his sound, has been collaborating with different artists of the electronic culture all over the world to give sense to his passion for music.

In 2015, his remix of the masterpiece “OH SUPERMAN” by Laurie Anderson got him recognized on mayor record labels such as Ushuaia Music and Pure Coc**ne Records.

As for Konkret, his productions are defined in atmospheric, melodic and progressive beats with a mainly Techno line in its rhythmic base.

For that reason, the release 018 of Underfull Label called Nebula X EP, presents 03 Techno tracks that define the pure identity of the venezuelan artist.

In the first place we have We Like To Dance, a progressive Techno track with arpeggiated melodies in crescendo, complemented with a hypnotic voice sample.

Then we have the second track Dependency, which presents a totally organic, groovy and mesmerizing Deep Tech cut.

It also features an engaging breakdown with a voice sample with delays and pulse synths stabs that add a lot of energy to the build up of the track.

Finally we have the track No End, a totally melodic and mind-blowing techno cut. Where pads, basslines and synths plays an massive role in the production.

Without a doubt, a track with a lot of texture and character, that immerses you in a musical voyage.

The release of «Nebula X EP» was dated January 13th on BEATPORT.

In summary, KonKreT presents us three Techno tracks with a story that can only be told at loud volume. A well thought out progression for the perfect point of no return in any session.

Finally in Valetronic, we invite you to listen and buy «Nebula X EP», as well as follow Underfull Label’s social networks.

We also took the opportunity to share with you the interview we had with KonKreT back in 2018.

Photo & Audio Credits: Underfulllabel.com, Beatport.com

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