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VANLAH (ESP) | Valetronic Podcast 061

From Barcelona, Spain, arrives the new Valetronic Podcast 061 episode, with an exclusive mix full of minimalist gems from the artist VanLah.

[Versión Español]

From Barcelona, Spain, arrives the new Valetronic Podcast 061 episode, with an exclusive mix full of minimalist gems from the artist VanLah.

Born in dreamy Tenerife, Ivan Romero AKA VanLah started DJing at the age of 16. Driven by his passion for electronic music, Ivan was inspired by tech-house and deep minimal sounds.

He decided to produce his own music, so he moved to Barcelona and started his studies in music production. VanLah is the newest member of Pineal, adding a fresh new vibe to the group with his defined minimal sound. He has recently been signed to Discokat records with his minimal deep track “samiluk“.

At the moment, VanLah has major releases on labels such as Whoyostro White, LowerHand, OutCast Music, Strange Storie Records, NOPRESET Limited, Reverbs Records, Duff Music, etc.

In the Valetronic Podcast 061 show, the Spanish VanLah presents a delightful mix loaded with cutting-edge minimalist grooves.

With a neat mixing technique, the Spaniard prints a unique and peculiar sound full of deep sounds, colorful atmospheres and soulful vocals. Between percussive Minimal rhythms and organic bass lines, VanLah delivers a very amusing set that will delight all your senses.

An hour of excellent beats, where the Spanish artist demonstrates his great talent behind the decks, leaving no doubt, the great exportable skill he has. Without further ado, we invite you to enjoy VanLah‘s best sound, in this new edition of Valetronic Podcast.

Remember that you can enjoy the Valetronic Podcast on the Boogie Bunker Radio station every Thursday from 5 to 6 pm (GMT+0), through its website www.boogiebunkerradio.com.

In Valetronic we say goodbye, but not before suggesting you to visit, support and share the social media of Spanish talent. As usual, we also recommend you to enjoy our Valetronic Podcast 060, led by the Italian artist Steve Hammer.

Vanlah: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: Valetronic Soundcloud

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