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Various Artists present 5 YEARS OF FINE MUSIC [FM096]

The Peruvian label FINE MUSIC celebrates its 5th anniversary with the 5 YEARS OF FINE MUSIC compilation, which gathers 08 brilliant cuts from great producers.

[Versión Español]

The Peruvian label FINE MUSIC celebrates its 5th anniversary with the 5 YEARS OF FINE MUSIC compilation, which gathers 08 brilliant cuts from great producers.

After 05 straight years of good music and EPs, the Fine Music label celebrates with great honor its 5th anniversary with a great compiled album up its sleeve. An EP defined by 08 refined cuts that transmit the concept and the musical line where the Peruvian label is aiming for this 2021.

5 Years of Fine Music contains music from great producers of the scene such as: Jizz, Last Vision, Lucas Ferreyra, Raul Figueroa, Milos Pesovic, Drew Dapps, Kenny Oliver, Conor Harris and MartinoResi.
El sello Peruano FINE MUSIC celebra su 5to aniversario presentando el compilado 5 YEARS OF FINE MUSIC, que junta 08 flamantes cortes de grandes productores.

The album kicks off with Drew Dapps and Kenny Oliver‘s Down For Whatever, where they unleash a Minimal cut loaded with sleek, energetic and elegant club focused nuances. It is followed by Jizz‘s catchy party cut No Groove, which emanates an unstoppable rhythm dominated by arpeggiated basslines and bouncy melodies. In 3rd we have Brain waves by Conor Harris, where he delivers a fast paced cut full of minimalist soundscapes of great power for our senses. Already in the middle of the album, we have the invigorating and hypnotic cut Baby Hurricane by Lucas Ferreyra that exhales subtle and relaxing melodies.

The 5th cut is Anihdrido by Raul Figueroa, where he delivers a percussive rhythm, deep and slow burning, which immerses us in a hypnotic and trippy groove. The 6th cut of the EP, is the club focused artillery Sickness by Last Vision, where he shapes futuristic sounds, Rominimal influences and hallucinating vocals. Already in 7th place, is the cut Dressing by Milos Pesovic. A story told through dystopian melodies, synths and progressive house beats fused with Tech House. And to close the album, we have the fun track It Just by MartinoResi, where he uses powerful vocals, syncopated drums and fat basses.

From now on you can buy the 5 Years Of Fine Music compiled from the Peruvian label Fine Music on Beatport, by clicking here.

In brief, 5 Years Of Fine Music, is a great album that gathers diverse pearls of 09 great producers of the global electronic scene. An EP of the Peruvian label Fine Music that gathers 08 varied minimalist aesthetics loaded with wide shades and sub genres. A compiled with songs for all tastes, choose your favorite.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to visit, share and support the Peruvian label’s social media for future EPs and albums. We also take this moment to share with you the review we did of Fine Music’s Peruvian Cuts.

Fine Music: Fb / Ig / Sc

Audio and photo credits: Beatport

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