WAYNE MADIEDO, ALANN M Present GET DEEP EP [Play Groove Recordings]

por | May 14, 2020 | English

The Spanish label Play Groove Recordings started a new season and with it the GET DEEP EP; which includes 03 sublime cuts by mexican talent Wayne Madiedo aka Alann M.

[Spanish Version]
Get deep ep

Get Deep Ep kicks off with the same title cut of the release, where the Mexican talent presents a groovy track entirely focused on the club. A party & amusing Deep Tech cut, where he delivers a singular vocoder processed speech that gives an unique feeling to the tune.

Following the 2nd track, we have What You Do, a percussive and striking Minimal & Deep tech cut; where the producer presents a more hypnotic and darker musical vision of his sound. In which synthesizers, melodies and female vocal samples are harmoniously blended to bring us to another dimension.

Last but not least, we have the Zona Rica cut, a captivating track that presents a perfect balance between textures and minimalist organic sounds. Like the two previous cuts, it includes some processed vocals that gives room to an impressive club-oriented groove.

The release of GET DEEP EP by Wayne Madiedo, Alann M, took place on May 1st on Beatport.

In brief, the 192th release from Play Groove Recordings, includes three Minimal and Deep Tech gems, where the artist Wayne Madiedo aka Alann M blends different styles to give us diverse shades in which he experiments with cheerful, hypnotic and gloomy melodies. Get Deep EP is on Beatport’s Hype selection; so we suggest you visit and grab your copy soon enough, by clicking here.

Finally, at Valetronic we invite you to follow the social networks of the artist involved in the creation of this new release.

Wayne Madiedo: FB / IG / Soundcloud
Alann M: FB / IG / Soundcloud

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Audio & photo credits: Play Groove