YOGI P presents CERULEAN CITY EP [Play Groove Recordings]

por | Dic 26, 2019 | English

[Spanish Version]

For the 182nd release of PLAY GROOVE RECORDINGS, we have «CERULEAN CITY EP», which includes 3 original tracks by artist YOGI P.

Yogi P

Yogi P is an expressionist of consciousness through yoga, meditation and music, is a DJ and Producer of electronic sounds.

Undoubtedly, a new rising producer based in the United Kingdom whose sound begins to emerge with great support from other artists and labels.

yogi p mixing

He is also the co-founder of Discotek

As for Yogi P, don’t expect anything more than meditative melodic beats from Minimal and Deep House with percussive sounds and glitchy textures.

For that reason, the 182 release of Play Groove Recordings called «Cerulean City EP» features three incredible Minimal melodies by the English artist.

At the beginning of the EP, we have «Cerulean«, a Minimal track with many blippy sounds, where the bassline creates a totally funky and avant-garde atmosphere.

Without a doubt, an elegant and futuristic production that presents many pads, melodies and chords accompanied by cymbals and analog sounds.

Then we have a second track «Neptunian Jazz» which, as its name says, is a melody from another planet with strong Jazz roots.

It also features microhouse textures in its compass, where trumpets, Funky basslines and guitars with wah wah will make your trip to Neptune a pleasant experience.

Finally we have «Back on the Boogie«, a track with a vintage eighties vibe and texture in their sound.

Like the previous tracks, the rhythmic base presents many glitchy sounds, rim shots and cymbal games that present a predominant Minimal sound.

With a very groovy vocal sample, pads and chords along the track. It is an excellent choice for the club and warm-up sets.

The release of «CERULEAN CITY EP» was dated Wednesday December 18 exclusively for BEATPORT.

In summary, Yogi P presents an EP worth collecting for all Minimal and MicroHouse lovers with 3 tracks from another galaxy.

We invite you to listen and buy «Cerulean City EP» from DJ and Producer Yogi P and follow the social networks of the Play Groove Recordings label.

Credits: Yogi P Music, Play groove music