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“Desire To Live EP” the new release by Kevin Deep on Alliwant Wax.

Tenerife producer Kevin Deep announces his new release “Desire To Love EP” on the Hungarian label Alliwant Wax.


Tenerife producer Kevin Deep announces his new release "Desire To Love EP" on the Hungarian label Alliwant Wax.

Alliwant Records is a Hungarian label founded by artists James Cole, Pat Duff and Shabaam. In both vinyl and digital format, it is a label specialized in Deep, Tech, Chicago, Detroit House and Techno styles.

The Hungarian label does not seek to establish conventions or limitations, nor to found the hundred or so labels on the market. Alliwant Records firmly believes that good music will find its own audience.

After publishing releases on labels such as BienAimer Music, NOPRESET limited and Namata Records. The young artist from the Canary Islands debuts on the Hungarian label with the release “Desire to Live EP”. A reference that compiles 2 original tracks, plus two brilliant remixes by Daniel Meister and James Cole.

The EP opens with the nostalgic cut Desire to Live. Catchy groove loaded with melodies that sweeten the senses, syncopated drums and vocal samples that command a soulful voyage.

In the 2nd cut of the EP, we find the remix of the Hungarian Daniel Meister. In this slow-burning version, the producer highlights an atmospheric cinematic with the melodies and organic textures he presents. Layers of effects, delays and reverbs are some of the key players that give an extra sensory feeling to the remix.

Already in the middle of the reference, we have the remix of the label founder James Cole. In this version the funk takes over the groove. Bassline that come to life, flavorful percussion and organic textures all around.

To close the EP, Kevin Deep presents Lost Distance. Groove filled with well seasoned drums, infectious harmonies and subtle vocal glimpses. A brilliant production, with many nuances and sound layers that provide a natural smoothness to the production. One of those ideal tracks for the “peak-time” of the set.

From now on you can pre-order Kevin Deep’s Desire To Live EP on Beatport, by visiting this link. Release date: October 17th

Finally, at Valetronic, we invite you to visit and support the social networks of the artists of this new Alliwant Wax release. We also recommend you these notes that may interest you. “I Can’t Get You” the new EP by James Cole on 8Bit Records. “Pop Filter EP” the new release from Kevin Deep on Namata Records. Kevin Deep signs “Goosebumps EP” on BienAimer Music.

Daniel Meister: Fb / Ig / Sc
Kevin Deep: Fb / Ig / Sc
James Cole: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: beatport

Tenerife producer Kevin Deep announces his new release "Desire To Love EP" on the Hungarian label Alliwant Wax.

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