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Labels that can’t miss in your playlists

Electronic music is a vast universe of sounds, rhythms and melodies. Among so many music and labels to choose from, it can be difficult to find tracks that suit our musical taste.

For this reason in particular, we’ve prepared this recommendation note about which labels you should follow and which ones shouldn’t miss in your playlists.


Electronic music is a vast universe of sounds, rhythms and melodies. Among so many music and labels to choose from, it can be difficult to find tracks that suit our musical taste.

Focused on cutting-edge music and avant-garde rhythms, they’re labels that showcase artists who are passionate about Minimal, Deep Tech and Deep House music. From club-oriented tracks to cuts with an underground aesthetic and sonority. Also, labels that seek to break the 4th wall, offering a colorful range of harmonic grooves and reach that climax that only music can create.

In this 1st note dedicated to the labels that shouldn’t be missing in your playlists, we’ll talk about Modulated Frequency and Kappa Recordings.

Modulated Frequency label was born in February 2021. With an audiovisual concept that aims to walk the eclectic lines of minimalism melodies and offer cutting-edge music with some of the best producers of the global underground scene of the moment.

The Spanish label has 5 releases to date, the latest being “Involve EP” by the Romanian duo Sixtee Seconds (inc. remixes by Castile and Venter), to be released on December 19th exclusively on Beatport. Among their catalog, Modulated Frequency has published releases from artists like Dr. Tinieblas, Trentraxx and Kroove.

A label that bets on avant-garde electronic music, filled with elegant futuristic tones.

On the other hand, we’ve Kappa Recordings, a label from Madrid specialized in Groove, Tech House and Minimal Deep Tech. With almost 80 releases to date, it’s a label that brings together a wide and fine range of quality music and artists.

Among his newest releases, there’s “Glamour After EP” by producer Dave Mont. Brilliant EP that brings together 2 playful club-oriented Tech-House cuts.

Through these links, you can listen and buy music from Modulated Frequency & Kappa Recordings on Beatport.

Lastly, at Valetronic, we suggest you to follow the social media of the labels mentioned above, so you don’t miss any forthcoming release. You may also be interested in “Involve” the new EP by Sixtee Seconds on Modulated Frequency. Sixtee Seconds premieres “Head Around” on Kappa Recordings [KAP078].

Modulated Frequency: Fb / Ig / Sc
Kappa Recordings: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: Beatport

 La música electronica es un vasto universo de sonidos, rítmicas y melodías. A veces entre tanta música y sellos discográficos a escoger, puede ser difícil conseguir tracks que se adapten a nuestro gusto musical.

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