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Sergio Parrado & Jee Bear sign Take A Break EP on Serrano’s Kitchen [Interview].

Spaniard Sergio Parrado and the Dominican Jee Bear release the vinyl Take A Break EP, on the Spanish label Serrano’s Kitchen.


Spaniard Sergio Parrado and the Dominican Jee Bear release the vinyl Take A Break EP, on the Spanish label Serrano's Kitchen.

The Spanish/Dominican duo joins forces once again to present us a new exclusive release. This time in 12″ vinyl format EP, on the label of the Madrid-based DJ and producer Danny Serrano.

Take A Break EP is the label’s 2nd vinyl reference, in which Sergio Parrado and Jee Bear debut a brilliant original cut. The EP features top remixes from German artist Sascha Dive and Spaniard Danny Serrano, plus a brand new breakbeat gem from Girona producer Scoom Legacy.

The EP starts with the cut Take A Break, where Sergio and Jee deliver a sublime, slow-burning production, combining vocal samples, pleasant melodies and a solid groove. A cinematic track, full of organic textures, immersive vocals and cutting edge soundscapes.

In the 2nd cut of the EP, we find the remix of Sascha Dive. The producer from Frankfurt delivers an avant-garde, progressive version, where he makes use of the vocals to create eclectic and trippy atmospheres.

Already in the middle of the EP, we have the remix of the Matritense Danny Serrano. In this track, the owner of the label presents a melodic and progressive club-oriented track. With an infectious groove, in which he gives great prominence to the vocal sample.

Last but not least, there is the bonus track by the artist Scoom Legacy. In this cut, the producer delivers an experimental gem, where he fuses broken rhythms, breakbeats and melodies to the fullest. A full futuristic design and aesthetics production that delights the senses from the very beginning.

From now on you can buy Sergio Parrado and Jee Bear’s Take A Break EP in stores like Deejay.de & Juno.co.uk. It is an EP of limited copies, so make sure to grab yours.

On the other hand, we want to share with you an interview we had with Sergio Parrado and Jee Bear about the experience of creating this EP for Serrano’s Kitchen label. First of all guys, congratulations for this great achievement, a big greeting from all the Valetronic team.


What led you to collaborate together for this EP?

SP: We have worked on several EP’s together and we really wanted to prepare something to be released on vinyl. So we got down to work to prepare “Take a break EP”.

JB: Being partners having time without taking out in it, it was about time 🙂

What was it like working with Serrano’s Kitchen and how is your relationship with the label?

SP: Danny Serrano is a good friend and the relationship with both him and the label is excellent. We have great communication and that makes things work well.

JB: Danny Serrano has been a friend for years and the relationship is excellent.

What led you to choose Sascha Dive and Danny Serrano for the remixes of this EP?

SP: When we sent the track to Danny he liked it a lot, at that time he was starting his new vinyl project and he proposed us to do a remix to support the EP. With Sascha is the same, we have a great friendship and for us he is one of the great international producers. When we sent him the track he didn’t hesitate to do a remix and the result of both is spectacular.

JB: As Danny is part of the family, and Sascha Dive apart from being a great friend and collaborator. Is an artist with an incredible music and who has a trajectory in the vinyl scene, so no one better than him for a remix. And well the result as Sergio says has been first class. We are very happy.

We already know that both of you are owners of Yet! Records, one of the most hype labels of the moment and we wanted to take the opportunity to ask you. What are your plans as artists of each of you for this 2022 and what are your plans with the label?

SP: On a professional level we have our first EP together on the label called “LUA”. It comes with a remix by Markus Homm and it’s a bomb, it’s out now in September. I’m still preparing material for several important labels and at the end of the year I’m releasing on Circus Recordings (Yousef’s label), two tracks with Colombian producer Julian Millan.

As a DJ I am very excited about my first tour in Asia starting in November. I will visit Thailand, India and we are working for several dates in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. And with the label the truth is that we are still in full swing, we have some great releases coming, amazing artists and remixers. I’m moving to Barcelona in October and we’re going to start with showcases there. All very exciting !

JB: Continue doing what we know how to do well. Put out good music, have good parties and above all continue to expand our frontiers. We have a lot of interesting things in store for next season, especially with the label.

What artists do you recommend listening to this summer?

SP: I love what our guys Sergio Bennett and Lucien Le Grub are doing. Orak a guy from the south of Spain that we just signed makes amazing music. Julian Millan from Colombia a diamond in the rough. Chinonegro from Peru. I’m a big fan of Filou (Germany) and other artists I’ve met on Bandcamp like Slugg, Melak or Robbie Doherty do really fun stuff.

JB: Hart & Neenan, they’ve been putting out records since 2018 but what they’re doing lately, yeah I really like.

Interview by Yax de la Peña.

Finally, at Valetronic, we say goodbye but not before inviting you to visit and follow the social networks of the artists responsible of Take A Break EP. We also recommend you these podcasts that may be of interest to you. SERGIO PARRADO (Spain) – Valetronic Podcast 031 + Interview. Jee Bear (DOM) | Valetronic Podcast 048.

Sergio Parrado: Fb / Ig / Sc
Jee Bear: Fb / Ig / Sc
Sascha Dive: Fb / Ig / Sc
Danny Serrano: Fb / Ig / Sc
Scoom Legacy: Fb / Ig / Sc

Credits: Serrano’s kitchen

Spaniard Sergio Parrado and the Dominican Jee Bear release the vinyl Take A Break EP, on the Spanish label Serrano's Kitchen.

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