In the world of digital music, virtual instruments also known as VSTs has become a vital tool for producers and musicians in general. These instruments allow a wide range of sounds to be created, from pianos and synthesizers to stringed instruments and percussion.



If you are looking for high quality free options beyond the well-known ones we recommended in the first part of this section. Here are some other virtual instruments that really worth exploring:

Matt Tylel’s Helm is a polyphonic synthesizer that features a convenient and easy-to-use interface with a wide variety of synthesis options. From leads to atmospheric pads, Helm lets you experiment and create your own unique sounds.

helm | vst |
To download the Helm synthesizer, please visit this link.

Surge XT is an open source synthesizer that offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. With an advanced synthesis engine and an ability to import custom waveforms, Surge is a powerful and versatile option that you definitely have to try.

Surge XT  | instrumentos virtuales
To download the open source synthesizer Surge XT, please visit this link.

Tyrell N6 from is a virtual analogue synthesizer that recreates the classic sound of vintage analogue synthesizers. With its intuitive design and a wide range of presets to choose from, Tyrell N6 is ideal for those looking for warm, rich tones.

tyrell n6 | vst
To download Tyrell N6 synth, please visit these links Win | Mac

SynthMaster 2 Player by KV331. This free version of the powerful SynthMaster 2 Synthesizer offers a wide variety of approximately 550 high-quality presets to choose from in multiple categories, from classic synths to leads, pads and basses.

synthmaster player 2 | instrumentos virtuales
To download Synthmaster 2 Player, please visit these links Win | Mac

Sigfried Kullman’s SQ8L is a synthesizer inspired by the Ensoniq SQ-8. The SQ8L is a VST that recreates the warm, analogue sound of synthesizers from the 1980s. With an ability to generate dense and richly layered sounds, it is ideal for electronic and ambient music.

sq8l | vst | instrumentos virtuales
To download the SQ8L, please visit the following link.

In short, these are just a few examples of the best free VSTs available. Each of them offers its own unique sound experience and features that will help you expand your creative horizons.

Helm: Web
Surge XT: Web
Synthmaster: Fb / Ig / Web Web

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Credits:, surg-synthesizer,, KV331audio, plugins4free