From Los Angeles, California, Sofia Muzik record label was born with a clear intention. Edit only music on vinyl and show through art in its covers the Andean country Chile, where its owner Justin Page is originally from.

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In fact, every four discs the mural made by the Argentine graphic artist Lucho Cuzcueta can be fully appreciated. Behind the project are also the Spanish artists Sergio Parrado and Sergio Bennett.

The first reference titled Shpoon Than EP, comes from Romanian artist Xandru, including a remix of Suciu. Where they capture a Romanian Minimal sound or better known as Ro-Minimal.

In short, Sofia Muzik is here to stay and offer a more romantic alternative to electronic music that we are usually used to.

On the other hand, we were talking to label founder and artist Justin Page about the creation of the label, the first release, his trajectory as an artist and his plans for the future of both him and Sofia Muzik. But before we dive into the interview, we’ll get to know a little bit about his biography.

Justin Page is an artist born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Santiago de Chile. From an early age, he showed an interest in art, led him to discover electronic music, forming THE CHORNIK in 2011.

The duo would tour the best clubs in Chile and would have an international impact with performances in Spain or Puerto Rico. In 2017, after the separation from the duo, Justin Page continued his solo career from Los Angeles, where he continues to be immersed in production, editing music for labels such as: Rhytmiclab, Frucht or Borderless project.

Musically we can define Justin as a free soul that navigates between Minimal House and Dub. In brief, Justin Page is a timeless artist in which the passion for music is clear in every step he takes in his career. Below we share with you the interview we had with artist and Label Boss Justin Page.


How did the idea of creating this new exclusive vinyl label come about? Where did the inspiration or origin of the name Sofia Muzik come from?

This idea was born together with Sergio Parrado because of the need to be a contribution to the music industry in which I work (underground scene) and also to open spaces for new talents. I am a vinyl collector, that’s why I wanted my first label to be only in this format. I also believe that in our industry, vinyl is becoming very popular again and it is possible to work on a serious and profitable project. The name is in honor of my daughter Sofia which I have a very strong connection and makes me feel closer to her.

Talking a bit more about the label’s first release, how was the process of selecting artists, music and design that best defined the audiovisual concept at Sofia Muzik?

The process of selecting artists was not very difficult because we have the sound of Sofia Muzik very clear and once we started sending the folder with the project proposal we had a very good acceptance from everyone, that was motivating me and giving me the reason that we were on a very good way.

Regarding the designs and creation of the image we spent several months working with Sergio Parrado (Co-founder) and Lucho Cuzcueta (Art design) to find something that could represent the land where I grew up (Chile) and we decided to use iconic images of the country to show the world a little more of this beautiful place at the end of the world.

What are the next steps for Justin Page and Sofia Muzik label? What plans or souvenirs can you tell us about? How many releases will we be able to enjoy in the rest of 2021?

My next steps will be to give life to the label, continue producing and generating spaces to be a real contribution to the underground scene globally. Sofía has a lot of news coming up. We are releasing our first EP in the next few months, we have a collection of four albums coming with very powerful names and with a very particular sound. We don’t want to encapsulate them in one area, that’s why we have a wide variety of artists such as: Xandru, Suciu, Nima Gorji, Sascha Dive, Piticu, funk e. to name a few. I don’t want to name them all either because I want to save the surprise for last.

Sofia is a solid project with a great team behind it and I am sure it will get attention. In 2021 we will get to enjoy two releases: SM001 Xandru & Suciu and SM002 is a VA headed by Funk e and Nima Gorji to name a few. These two releases will be accompanied by showcases and many more surprises.

Last but not least, any advice for all the artists and producers out there looking to start a record label? What do you consider the most important steps or things to take into account?

The advice I could give would be to set a goal and work on it until you achieve it. Believe in yourself and your abilities, don’t listen to anyone and be self-confident. Take the time you need to study without pressure and get a good working group, I think those little details make the difference.

As vinyl lovers at Valetronic, we congratulate Justin Page for creating this great project called Sofia Muzik. Contributing in this way with keeping alive the vinyl culture, which has more and more weight in electronic music. Having said that, we say our goodbyes, without first inviting you to visit and support the social media of the label and founder for future references and news.

Justin Page: Ig / Sc
Sofia Muzik: Ig / Sc

Credits: Sofia muzik