Top 5 electronic music clubs in Amsterdam

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The vibrant city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is recognized worldwide as a true paradise for electronic music.


amsterdam | top 5 clubs

With a nurtured music scene and a wide variety of clubs. Amsterdam has become and positioned itself as one of the most outstanding destinations for lovers of this music genre.

Below, we’ll review some of the best electronic music clubs you can’t miss if you’re in Amsterdam. An experience not to be missed!.

paradiso | amsterdam


We start with one of the most iconic clubs in the city. The legendary Paradiso. Located in a former church, this magical place has hosted some of the most influential artists of the electronic scene.

With its unique atmosphere and excellent sound system, Paradiso is a must for electronic music fans. Among its list of events, we can find Speedy J’s Stoor Live and ADE Festival’s Dj Rhubarb + Comfort2.

shelter | amsterdam


For those looking for a more exclusive experience, the Shelter club is the ideal place. Located underneath the famous A’DAM Tower nightclub. Shelter offers an intimate and immersive experience.

With its focus on quality music and its cozy atmosphere, this club has become a must for true music connoisseurs. It’s one of the official venues for ADE 2023, with artists such as Ellen Alien, Maya Janes Cole, Len Faki and A-trak among the various line-ups they have scheduled.

amsterdam | melkweg


Milk is not only for drinking, it’s also for dancing. Melkweg is an iconic nightclub and cultural center in Amsterdam that has left its mark on the electronic music scene. Located in a former industrial building, Melkweg has become a reference for electronic music lovers in the city.

With a varied and eclectic program, this place is perfect to enjoy electronic music in all its forms.

With several spaces within the venue, Melkweg has an impressive main room and smaller rooms, such as the OZ and Upstair. Which offer a more intimate and exclusive experience with recurring events from brands such as Cheeky Monday and Liveurope. With a top sound system and spectacular lighting, it immerses attendees in an unforgettable sonic journey.

escape | NL


Escape is one of the most widely popular and famous clubs in Amsterdam. With more than thirty years in business, it is a much-loved venue by the locals.

Located in the heart of the city, this club is known for its vibrant atmosphere and excellent music. With a capacity to host over 2000 people, Escape offers a first class nightclub experience with Wall Label nights and ADE Festival branded events.

club atelier

Club Atelier

Atelier is a sophisticated club in Amsterdam, renowned for its stylish ambiance and quality electronic music. With a modern décor and emerging artists, it offers an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

Located in a former industrial warehouse, Atelier stands out for its underground music and collaborations with visual artists. It is a prominent choice in Amsterdam’s nightlife scene. Festimi, Onder Ons, Bonaparte, HappyFeelings, TerugnaarToen, Jager Music, Fiesta Macumba, Jiggy and Boiler Room are already on the menu.

These are just some of the best electronic music clubs in Amsterdam. The city offers a wide variety of options for all tastes. From intimate, subway venues to large, internationally renowned clubs.

If you are a passionate of electronic music, Amsterdam is definitely a destination you can’t miss.

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