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WINAMP: the classic MP3 player is coming back

Iconic 90’s music software brand Winamp is making its big comeback on your PC desktop.

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Iconic 90's software brand Winamp is making its big comeback on your PC desktop.

Winamp, the first music player for PC and one of the most iconic examples of 1990s software design. It has received its first update since 2018, and apparently promises that there are plenty more new features to be announced.

For those who don’t know it. Winamp was a digital audio playback application that was mostly used to rip MP3 files from CDs. It pioneered features like drag-and-drop playlists and rode the wave of Napster. Since then, the 1997 software has been re-designed over the last 4 years to result in Winamp 5.9.

In 2013, AOL, the former parent company of the software, closed its doors, so the application became part of the Belgian digital audio company Radionomy. This new version of the legendary music player, brings a code base known as VS2019. It includes new features that are expected to be added after the “trial period”.

Winamp’s new website makes many interesting claims. It says that we should prepare for a “groundbreaking revamp of the world’s most iconic audio player,” and advertises the music player as a “unique space for creators.”

But here’s the most exciting line of all: Winamp tells artists that it will “help you connect closely with your fans and earn a fairer income for doing what you love.”

The idea of Winamp being profitable for music creators is insane, but that seems to be the main goal. So what will the music software do – will it go back to being a streaming service, or will it be a music marketplace, like Bandcamp and other current platforms?

We have no idea. But you can visit the Winamp web site to be first in line for the upcoming “Winamp Beta“. We don’t know exactly when this version will be released, but we’re signed up and excited to give it a shot.

Lastly, at Valetronic you will find the free download link for Winamp 5.9 version. We also recommend you these notes that may interest you, MPC Switch: a prototype between Nintendo Switch and Akai MPC. Native Instruments releases TRAKTOR PRO PLUS by subscription. Top 7 headphones for mixing and production.

Photo credits: hispasonic, arstechnica

Iconic 90's software brand Winamp is making its big comeback on your PC desktop.

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